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  • Millions Of Drivers Could Miss Out On MOT Tests

    Jun 01 2021

    Over seven million drivers could miss their MOT tests and car services as lockdown restrictions relax, putting them at risk of road accidents. According to new data from Heycar, up to 7.3 million motorists could put off these essential safety checks, despite the fact that most manufacturers recommend yearly inspections. A critical step in car maintenance is the regular replacement of car batteries. For those struggling with expenses, drivers can find many high-quality discount batteries for their cars to ensure that their vehicles are roadworthy once they are out and about.
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  • Lack Of Safety Tech In Vans Alarms Euro NCAP

    Jun 02 2021

    New safety tests have revealed an “alarming” lack of collision avoidance technology installed in UK vans. Euro NCAP is urging automakers to address the lack of advanced driver assistance features in vans when compared to cars. One way of making sure that commercial vans are in excellent condition is by fitting them with the best leisure batteries. If the vehicle is equipped with a great performing leisure battery, it will be able to function well and provide a more reliable service.
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  • Radford Looking To Recreate The 1969 Lotus Type 62

    Jun 03 2021

    Radford recently revealed that its first vehicle would be a reimagined Lotus Type 62 from 1969. The resurrected coachbuilder has also confirmed that they will utilise “Lotus technology” for their new project, with the final product expected to be released later this year. Radford announced its plan to recreate the Lotus Type 62 racer in a short video. Apart from the project’s concept and this enigmatic teaser, we know very little about the company’s first car. Not much is known about the specifications, let alone what its car battery cost will be. Car battery price will depend on the specifications and onboard features of any car.
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  • Car Demand Grows In The UK After Lockdown

    Jun 04 2021

    After England’s lockdown, car sales had a strong rebound in April, up to 30 times higher compared to 2020 figures. This is attributed to more showrooms being re-opened, allowing customers to have their concerns about specs or car battery prices answered immediately. However, production remains slow as it is still down by 4% compared to last year. With the supply struggling to keep up with the revival in demand, new vehicle models and car battery price tags could be affected. Experts say, however, that despite still being lower than pre-pandemic figures, these numbers are still considered as signs of the industry’s start of recovery.

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  • Used BMW 6 Series GT Still Worth Considering Today

    Jun 07 2021

    Since launching in 2017, the 6 Series GT has been one of the most popular models to roll out of the BMW factory. This car was living proof of what BMW was capable of doing and a testament to their commitment to build quality vehicles with great handling. These cars utilise BMW car batteries to power the on-board features, like the satellite navigation and sound systems. A BMW battery will last for about three to five years, depending on how it is used, giving owners plenty of time before they need to buy a replacement.

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