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  • Nissan Rolls Out New Car Models

    Feb 01 2021

    This year, Nissan is set to roll out several new models - mostly new versions of some very familiar names. While these models are new and outfitted with cutting-edge technology, a suitable Nissan car battery for each model is guaranteed to join the market. With all the new technology and capabilities that these cars boast, any Nissan battery will have its work cut out for it.
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  • Bristol Relaunch Prompts Enthusiasts To Start Checking Parts And Accessories

    Feb 02 2021

    Bristol enthusiast Jason Wharton plans to bring Bristol Cars back onto the market almost a year after it was liquidated in Q1 2020. However, the Essex-based property developer does not plan on building new car models just yet. Instead, he wants to restore two of the models that put Bristol on the map and start putting them back on the market. This means that Bristol enthusiasts should start preparing for new accessories and checking out new car battery prices in preparation for the imminent relaunch of the brand. It will be interesting to see how much power the new Bristols have and what kind of new car battery they will require.
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  • A Look At The BMW X6 SUV Coupe

    Feb 03 2021

    The BMW X6 is a hybrid that has become one of the more successful models the German car company has put out. It is not as large as its big brothers, but it is more economical, easier and more agile on the road, and equipped with plenty of features that make it worth the money. Using a BMW battery for this car, the amenities will be well-equipped to perform at their best. A standard BMW battery will last a long time and will help create a more pleasant driving experience for owners.
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  • Nissan Cuts Distribution Plans In Europe

    Feb 04 2021

    Buying a car battery and other components for Nissan in Europe may prove difficult as the Japanese automaker cuts its production and manufacturing due to the effects of COVID-19 and the recently agreed Brexit trade agreement in the United Kingdom. Buyers of Nissan car battery products and vehicles will either have to start shopping now or look for alternatives.
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  • NFU Reveals Surge In Tractor Fires Caused By Overloaded Batteries

    Feb 05 2021

    The National Farmers Union (NFU) Insurance revealed that there has been a surge in tractor fires year after year, with overloaded battery terminals being one of the primary reasons. This highlights the important of using quality products like Varta tractor batteries. A genuine Varta battery can prevent potential risks as long as it is installed and maintained properly.
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