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  • Why Ford Has Consistently Been A Top Choice In The Auto Industry

    Jan 04 2021

    Ford is a company that has made continuous strides forward in the automotive industry over the years, achieving record revenues and developing impressive designs. Ford has long inspired its customers with its global success, innovative spirit, and resilience; and that's backed up by great quality cars too. Behind every good Ford vehicle is an equally robust Ford battery, which ensures reliable driving performance. Ford car batteries are essential to the smooth functioning of its vehicles, and if you need a new battery for your Ford, you can browse an extensive range of quality products here at Orius.
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  • Experts Share Essential Vehicle Tips For The Winter

    Jan 05 2021

    The winter is definitely the most dangerous time of the year to drive. Having analysed data from the Department for Transport, MotorEasy has released details of the top areas for accidents in the UK, where drivers need to take the most care. There is a range of considerations drivers should take into account when driving in the wintertime, especially those with less experience. Areas to focus on include replacing your tyres with ones designed for winter conditions to taking safety equipment with you when travelling. The winter season is also a great time to compare car battery prices and get a fresh or spare unit, to avoid those unexpected breakdowns. But when replacing your car battery, never just opt for the cheapest car battery price - make sure you're buying one that can withstand the demands of the winter weather.
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  • Toyota Stops Operations In French And UK Plants Due To Border Closures

    Jan 06 2021

    Covid-19 continues to have an impact on the entire automotive industry as new border closures are put into place. This has prompted Toyota to cease operations in both their French and British plants, starting the usual seasonal shutdown earlier than in previous years. Border closures are also affecting the importation of parts and accessories like tyres, engines, and car batteries. This could potentially have an effect on the prices of cars, car accessories, and car batteries for sale in the near future.
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  • Historic And Classic Motor Vehicles: High Potential In The Midst Of Brexit

    Jan 07 2021

    Amid concerns about the impact of Brexit on the automotive industry, there's one subsector that might be able to help keep it afloat. The economic impact of the historic and classic automobile arena could make Britain a world leader in the field. This could well impact positively on the industry for related sectors like car accessories, and help control the increase in car, car accessory, and car battery cost. And with top sellers like Orius offering great car battery prices for UK car owners, the future for the auto industry in the country could defy gloomy predictions in the wake of Brexit.
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  • CBI Research Aims To Push Lead Batteries Into The Future

    Jan 11 2021

    The Consortium for Battery Innovation (CBI) is collaborating with different battery manufacturers to find out how carbon additives can help enhance the performance output of the lead batteries usually used in micro-hybrid and hybrid passenger cars. Once developed, the technology may result in other improvements, like lowering the price to result in a high performance yet cheap car battery and making lead-acid batteries more environmentally friendly in general. In recent years, cheap car batteries in the UK have improved in terms of performance, but manufacturers haven't gained a lot of ground in terms of longevity and quality. This research aims to improve the overall performance of lead-acid batteries, even reducing their carbon emissions.
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