Why Ford Has Consistently Been A Top Choice In The Auto Industry

Ford is a company that has made continuous strides forward in the automotive industry over the years, achieving record revenues and developing impressive designs. Ford has long inspired its customers with its global success, innovative spirit, and resilience; and that’s backed up by great quality cars too. Behind every good Ford vehicle is an equally robust Ford battery, which ensures reliable driving performance. Ford car batteries are essential to the smooth functioning of its vehicles, and if you need a new battery for your Ford, you can browse an extensive range of quality products here at Orius.

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The multinational automaker has introduced many iconic and successful models over the years, including the Mustang, Fiesta, Focus, Fusion, Flex, Taurus, Explorer, F-150, and GT.

What's the best-selling Ford car?

Arguably, one of the things that Ford has managed to get right in the vast majority of the different cars it’s released over the years is the right balance between style and practicality. The solid Ford Fiesta has been touted as the best-selling car of all time in the UK. If you’re planning to buy a new car that is beautifully crafted both inside and out, then Ford is the best choice.


Longevity is an important factor to consider in choosing a car. Ford vehicles are well-known for their longevity, and you can find many happy Ford owners who have owned their vehicle for over a decade, with the original engine and transmission still intact.

Being a disciplined driver will also contribute significantly to the longevity of a vehicle. Poor driving habits and lack of battery maintenance are often the main causes of car battery failure.

For this reason, Ford owners should not take the health of their vehicles for granted. Experts recommend motorists to take good care of their Ford car batteries and look out for issues like low charge and acid stratification, which are frequently the reasons behind Ford battery failures.


In recent times, Ford is known as one of the first brands to produce cars with smaller turbocharged engines. The latest technology is called EcoBoost. It is designed to deliver power and consistent angular acceleration while achieving about 30 per cent better fuel efficiency and 15 per cent fewer greenhouse emissions. In other words, it can provide plenty of power while using less fuel. Less fuel used means fewer CO2 emissions – commonly known as greenhouse gases.

Torque relates directly to fuel economy, and Ford’s turbocharged engines outperform the naturally aspirated engines on the fuel efficiency testing cycle. Vehicles with low-end torque mean quicker upshifts and therefore make a better performance at the lower speeds that make up city driving.

The Smart Choice For Car Battery Products

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Published at: 04-01-2021