What Makes The 2021 Royal Enfield Meteor 350 A Great Choice For Beginners?

One of the Royal Enfield's strengths is its ability to produce motorcycles for people with a more modest budget. One such example of this achievement is their 2021 release of the Meteor 350. It has all the appeal of a classic with impressive features that are powered by a high-quality motorcycle battery. Anyone looking to own one will see that it is an enjoyable entry point to motorcycling with simple maintenance because you can easily find compatible motorcycle batteries in the UK.

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The first Meteor struck back in 1952. This year's model is a rendition of the famous motorcycle from India and is fitted with a new J-series 349cc single-cylinder engine. With this moderately powered motor, the new Meteor 350 is marketed towards beginners and those who want to have a mellow-riding motorcycle.

The new model has an old-school charm since it follows the traditional design of its predecessor. But even though it draws inspiration from an older motorcycle, this new release is equipped with modern features. It has a two-channel ABS, USB charging, a Tripper navigation system, smartphone pairing, and large displays that seamlessly blend analogue and digital. In addition, it is powered by a single motorcycle battery, which is neatly tucked away from view.

The Tripper system is a noteworthy addition as this adds more information about the ride. The cockpit has an analogue and LCD screen that displays all the information you need to monitor your trip. It is also effortless to understand and navigate.

One of the most attractive qualities of the new Meteor 350 is the sub £4,000 base price. But that doesn't mean that the motorcycle will be sub-par; it has amazing features that will make anyone who uses it question the reality of its price point.

With the air-oil cooled motor, anyone who has used a Royal Enfield motorcycle in the past will see all the familiar brand characteristics. It has a long-stroke unit that delivers 20.2bhp with 6100 RPM and 27 nM of torque, which caps off at 71mph.

It may not be the fastest on the road, but that doesn't take away the fun of driving the motorcycle. Utilising the air-oil cooled motor, the Meteor 350 has a nice thump that gives enough energy to move through rural roads smoothly.

Anyone who is looking to upgrade motorcycles will find this a good base model. It can deliver acceptable levels of power with the right setup. This bike also has a heel-kicker gear lever for the 5-speed gearbox.

The suspension consists of a 41mm telescopic fork in the front with 130mm travel, and the rear shocks have a 6-step preload that softens most types of impact. It keeps the motorcycle solid on the road, even if it's a little bumpy. Although you may feel a little more feedback on the road, it all adds to the experience of using this motorcycle.

The 19-inch front wheel on the Meteor 350 is a 300mm disc with twin pistons. The rear wheel is 17 inches with a 270mm disc and a single-piston, giving a soft and satisfying feel when stopping. It features ByBre brakes, which are forgiving to newer riders, who will also find that this motorcycle is easy to reach with its 765mm seat.

Handling and riding the Meteor 350 is very comfortable. When you sit on it, your legs will likely be reasonably stretched, and the riding position is upright. The downtube has a redesigned spine, which provides a great foundation for upgrading it to an agile bike. Weighing in at just 191kg, it is easy to see why it would be a terrific platform for modifications.

The redesigned chassis and suspension also adhere to the road, which makes it great for riding around town and cities. Newbie riders will find the 15-litre tank more than suitable for their daily budget.

If you are interested in the Royal Enfield Meteor 350, it comes in three trim levels: Fireball, Stellar, and Supernova. The entry-level Fireball costs around £3,749 and comes in a yellow or red colourway. It has all the bare essentials without much flair. Going up to the Stellar trim, which costs £3,829, you will get a backrest for the seat and have a choice between blue, black, or burgundy colours. The top-tier trim, Supernova, will give you a metallic colourway with a combination of a two-tone brown and ice blue at the cost of £3,909. This is still a great price for a classic-inspired motorcycle.

Anyone looking for customisation won't be disappointed - you can pretty much customise this motorcycle to your heart's desire. You can choose from an array of engine choices, sump guards, panniers, bar-end mirrors, and different types of seats. The Meteor 350 also comes with a three-year warranty, which is an excellent addition to the overall quality of the motorcycle.

Overall, the Meteor 350 is a bike that will give its rider a brilliant and friendly ride anytime. New riders, commuters, and those who want to get on a two-wheeled vehicle again will find this to be an exceptional vehicle for the price. In addition, it has fantastic characteristics and features that make it a great companion on city roads.

It is also stylish and has the appeal of the classic motorcycle it took inspiration from. Despite its traditional roots, it does not lack the modern features necessary to further enjoy riding as well. This motorcycle is worth a look for its entirety and not just for its price.

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Published at: 02-07-2021