Vauxhall Vectra - A Mid-Range Winner?

When Vauxhall designed the Vectra, they were aiming to build a hatchback that was capable of making long-distance rides comfortable above all else. It has economical engine choices that may not make it the fastest car on the market, but it offers plenty of utility on the road and for its owners. The right Vauxhall Vectra car battery will amply power the conservative onboard features. A Vauxhall battery usually lasts around three years or longer, depending on how it's used and looked after.

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The Vauxhall Vectra is well-suited for everyday driving on streets, major roads, and on the motorway too, which is why it has historically been a favourite with companies for their fleet cars. What's more, buyers looking to invest in this car on the second-hand market will find the prices are right up their alley. Opt for a two to three-year-old Vectra, and it won't cost you anything like as much as a brand new one.

The Vectra comes in a four-door saloon, a five-door hatchback, or an estate model, which is one of the reasons why it's fast become one of the UK's best-selling cars. There's a comprehensive range of petrol and diesel engine versions, and you can also choose between a manual or an automatic gearbox. Whatever you need a car for, this is a good fit. One of the most notable uses of this car has been by the UK police force. It has proved to be a highly effective patrol car, as well as being widely used as an undercover car.

The latest model of this car is the Vectra C, which, typical of the model, comes in plenty of engine choices, including petrol options with 1.8 and 2.2-litre engines with a turbocharged 2-litre for the SRi, and a 2.8-litre V6 engine on the Elite model. Diesel engine choices include 1.9-litre CDTi and a larger 3-litre V6 engine.

Even with the many different trims and choices, the economy and performance of the engines remain relatively the same across the entire range. With the exemption of the SRi Turbo and Elite trims with the V6 and the VXR models, the speed and fuel economy came out almost the same on average. The average time for 0 to 60mph is 8.5 seconds, with only the lower-powered diesel engines being a tad slower. The Vectra C has an increased power output over the older Vectra B due to its extra size and weight.

The Vectra has an "everyman" principle when it comes to design. It appeals across a range of different ages and genders, for family and for work purposes. It's even been known to grace the racetracks too, having won in the British Touring Car Championship twice. There are, in fact, special edition models that are geared toward motorsports heritage.

Taking a look at the interior, the Vectra is spacious enough to accommodate a large family. While not as roomy as some modern vehicles, it does have ample headroom and legroom, giving passengers plenty of space to move around to find a comfortable spot.

The standard boot space of the Vectra is 500 litres for the saloon and the hatchback models. The estate has 30 litres more storage space, and when you fold the backseats down, that rises to over 1800 litres of space which is impressive for the size of the car.

As for safety, the latest EuroNCAP rating gives it four stars because of the newly introduced restraint and safety systems, including airbags, a new chassis, an electronic brake, cornering brake control, and an emergency brake assist.

Its decent fuel economy and day to day costs and the fact that it's relatively easy to insure confirms its reputation as a decent family car suited to even a larger family.

As for maintenance, that's not a particularly heavy burden either. Replacement and spare parts are easy enough to find; and so servicing and maintaining this car is not going to prove too costly. Replacing the Vauxhall Vectra car battery, for example, is a relatively straightforward matter and something you should do every three years or so to keep it running and performing well.

It's fair to say that one of the Vectra's main attractions is its value for money. Even the entry-level model that doesn't come with a host of bells and whistles is excellent value for money. Whether you opt for a petrol or diesel engine, the running costs are sure to put a smile on your face.

The Trim Choices

There are six choices of trims for the latest model. The Exclusiv has colour matching exteriors, chrome window trim, clear glass indicators, and map lights. It has steel wheels that are designed to look like alloys. The Life trim has fewer features and options, which makes it a favourite for companies looking to add this car to their fleet. The SRi has alloy wheels to complement its sporty theme. The body also achieves a sporty look with its lowered suspension, chrome exhaust, and tinted windows and lights.

Going up the range, the Design grade has power windows, velour seats, and an anti-glare rear-view mirror with a leather-trimmed gear lever. Then there's the Elite trim, which has added electronic climate control, heated seats, 17-inch alloy wheels, and options for a V6 or larger engine available.

Finally, the VXR trim will get you 18-inch alloy wheels, suspension setup, and larger engines again. A digital radio and a satellite navigation system can be installed on request.

Buying the Right Replacement Battery

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Published at: 12-07-2021