Varta Releases New Brand Identity

Varta, one of the leading producers of batteries worldwide, has undergone a rebranding. The company’s new slogan is “Empowering Independence,” emphasising its role as a tech company whose vision is to create innovations in battery technology to enable people to lead more independent lives. Among the batteries the manufacturer produces are Varta leisure batteries that power vehicles like campervans, motorhomes, and RVs. The Varta battery range is used all over the world for a host of different applications.

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Herbert Schein, CEO of Varta AG, stated that the modernised brand identity takes the company into the future, where it will continue to grow and become ever more profitable through the creation of new technology and innovation for the battery industry.

The Varta logo has undergone an updating too, maintaining the original V-shaped “beam”, but with modifications to emphasise that the company has been reoriented towards being a technological company that defines the future of batteries.

Varta has been one of the frontrunners of automotive innovation from its early origins. The first electric car from America, the Baker ‘Runabout’, was introduced to Germany by Varta’s founder, Adolf Müller, in 1893, and was fittingly powered by batteries from Varta’s predecessor company. And in 1905, it was Varta batteries that powered the first lighting on cars for night driving.

In 1914, Varta lead-acid batteries became one of the leading choices for automotive batteries and fast, reliable starting of car engines. A couple of decades later, the company pioneered the standardisation of car battery sizes so that they would be easier to replace and more cost-effective.

By the 1980s, the company was producing different technologies like maintenance-free and high-performance batteries, which were even used in motor racing Grand Prix. From the early 90s, trucks and large mobile homes have been able to benefit from better and longer-lasting batteries from the company. It’s widely known in those circles that a Varta leisure battery provides a better cycle life and resistance to vibration.

At the turn of the century, Varta produced innovative start-stop batteries that fast gained trust and confidence from leading car manufacturers like Mini and BMW. The company is now the leading supplier of batteries for start-stop, electric, and hybrid vehicles.

Varta’s latest innovation is in maintenance-free batteries which are capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions. Alongside this, manufacturing processes have been refined to use a fifth less energy than previously, with a 20% reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases.

Various award-giving bodies have acknowledged the contribution of the company over the years to the development and creation of innovations and solutions for the automotive industry.

According to Andreas Fritz, Head of Group Marketing Varta AG, the new brand identity will make the company even more visible worldwide and enjoy international recognition that extends beyond the success the company has experienced in Europe over the last 130 years. It’s no surprise that the year 2020 has been the company’s most successful business year to date.

Varta currently has five manufacturing and production facilities distributed around Europe, Asia, and the USA and is currently active in over 75 countries. Aside from car batteries, they also produce batteries for different applications such as mobile devices, health equipment, and household appliances.

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Published at: 07-05-2021