UK Government Updates On Travel Restrictions

Some coronavirus restrictions are to remain in place, even with the success of the ongoing vaccination programme, to keep people safe from contracting and spreading the virus within their network. The latest restrictions were published at the end of March 2021 and then updated in June to make motorists aware of what they are permitted to do when using their leisure vehicles for travelling during holidays. Many leisure vehicle owners rely on Bosch leisure batteries for their high capacity and large output, which enables them to power the many onboard features. A Bosch battery, or any other battery brand, should meet the quality standards and offer reliable performance for vehicles all year round.

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The new variant of the virus is known as Delta and has been found to spread more easily than other previously encountered variants. The UK Government has said that in order to prevent the spread of the virus, holidaymakers should ensure they have had both doses of the vaccine; and should continue to self-isolate immediately if they are experiencing any symptoms related to Covid, including a high temperature, continuous coughing, or a loss of taste or smell.

The Government guidelines also state that if individuals want to meet with friends and family, they should still continue to minimise the number of people they meet and do it in a short span of time. Gatherings should not exceed more than 30 people unless otherwise permitted. As far as possible, people should meet outdoors to prevent the transmission of the virus.

Coronavirus restrictions on travel abroad are the main reason why people have chosen instead to buy leisure vehicles and holiday in the UK. These spacious vehicles have a host of amenities that enable families to comfortably stay in a home-from-home, whether overnight or for longer. Experts recommend Bosch leisure batteries to power all the amenities in a leisure vehicle, which can include everything from a fridge to wi-fi, sat-nav, an infotainment system and a TV.

Breaching travel restrictions can have severe consequences. Police authorities can take action against groups that aren't complying with the law. Individuals can be given a fixed penalty notice and a fine of £200 for any first offence, which multiplies with any further violations up to a maximum of £6,400.

Staying away from home overnight is still limited by some restrictions. These apply whether you're staying overnight in a hotel, at a campsite, in a caravan, on a boat, your second home, or in any other accommodation. People can only stay overnight in groups of six; and any larger group is only legal if everyone in the group comes from two households that are joined together to form a support bubble.

Restrictions for Travelling in England

The Government advises planning ahead to travel safely whenever possible. They also continue to promote regularly washing and sanitising hands, wearing a face-covering on public transport, and making sure that any space you stay in is well-ventilated.

When travelling within England, you should check what rules apply in the different parts of the Common Travel Area. This includes the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey, and the Isle of Man.

Travellers no longer need a reasonable excuse to leave Wales to travel to different parts of the UK. But the situation is constantly changing, so it's advisable to check what restrictions are in place both where you live and where you intend to travel to before you depart, so you can make proper arrangements before leaving.

Driving Lessons During the Pandemic

Driving lessons are now permitted, but there are some rules in place to keep learners and instructors safe. Any driver and passenger in the vehicle should wear a face-covering unless exempt, otherwise, they may be fined. Exemptions from wearing face coverings include for reasons of physical or mental illness, if wearing a mask will cause severe distress, or if the student and the teacher live in the same household.

Before attending a lesson, learner drivers must still have a provisional driving licence valid in Great Britain or Northern Ireland. They should also be supervised while learning how to drive. The supervisor can be a driving instructor or a friend or family who meets the required standards. The car should also display "L" plates clearly. Learning can take place on any UK road during the day or night, with the exception of motorways. To drive on these roads, the vehicle must be fitted with dual controls and/ or you must be with an approved driving instructor.

A Huge Spike in Campervan Sales

As the lockdown restrictions have been further relaxed in the light of the rollout of the vaccine programme, sales of campervan have increased by 621%.

As Brits prepare themselves for the summer holidays and are finding it harder to travel abroad, they are increasingly considering staycations. In a recent survey, 47% of UK residents say that they are more likely to drive to a local destination this summer. In addition, 27% of residents said that they are expecting to drive to an overseas holiday destination towards the end of the year rather than flying.

People under the age of 45 are more likely to drive whether holidaying in the UK or abroad. This is also the age group that expressed most contentment with plans to staycation rather than travel abroad this summer.

Best Batteries for Leisure Vehicles

Whether you're driving to a local holiday spot or are using your leisure vehicle to hit the road this summer, always make sure your car is in great shape before you leave. Take it to a trusted garage and ask for a once-over to check the vehicle is working as it should and won't let you down while you're in transit. One of the most common causes of breakdowns on UK roads is a dead battery, so make sure yours is fit for purpose. If you need a replacement, pick a quality brand, like a Bosch battery, to ensure reliability throughout your trip and beyond.

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Published at: 05-07-2021