Triumph Releases Bonneville T120 – A Tribute To The T110

A classic roadster, the Triumph Bonneville T120 is still set to be one of the all-time greats, despite seeming significantly underpowered compared to other motorcycles brought out in the same decade. What makes this bike stand out is its sleek and stylish design, which gives it that memorable, lasting appeal. It uses a small motorcycle battery to keep it running well; and when it’s time for a replacement, buying the best motorcycle battery you can afford will ensure your bike is ready and willing whenever you need it and whatever the season.

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Triumph's main goal in creating the T120 was not only to design a capable and powerful motorcycle. They also wanted it to be beautiful, and they certainly succeeded where that was concerned.

This bike sports a 1200cc engine. While not as powerful as other roadsters on the market, it’s still quick enough to offer its owner plenty of fun. It has competent handling and offers a comfortable ride overall. The SOHC parallel-twin engine is liquid-cooled. It has a maximum torque of about 3100rpm with its six-speed gearbox, which generates a maximum of 79bhp, which is fairly modest, but nonetheless satisfying. It has a top speed of 120mph.

Its finish is top-notch and has plenty of great detailing. For example, the cylinder fins are machined, the throttle bodies are gold-topped to resemble carburettors and it has double-skinned exhaust pipes.

As for the chassis, this was designed and developed for stability, which does mean that it may not offer the most agile of performances. Even with its skeletonised look, it’s still fairly heavy. But the gaitered forks in combination with the rear shocks provide a taut and great quality ride overall, and you can even enjoy cornering on this motorbike. The twin front disc brakes have a firm grip, and it’s easy to bring it to a complete stop. Additionally, it has an anti-locking system on the brakes to provide even more control.

As you’d fully expect, the build quality of this Bonneville is perfect. It has an appeal that pays homage to its predecessor and incorporates plenty of modern features. These include a traction control system and modern digital displays for the speed and fuel gauges. All electrics are powered by a small motorcycle battery cleverly hidden away from view.

The fuel tank adds a lot of character to the motorcycle. It has a pretty conservative 14.5-litre capacity, but that can still provide you with an average ride time of 150 miles per tank. And that’s because the engine has been fine-tuned to offer great fuel economy.

Its dual-seat has a grab rail for the passenger and it sits at a relatively low height of 785mm. This helps make the new T120 a great everyday ride. It comes in four colour schemes: jet black, cinder red, pure white, and cranberry red aluminium.

To anyone looking for a retro-inspired motorcycle with modern features, Triumph offers a competitive contender and the bike overall is a great-looking homage to the traditional motorcycles of the 60s era. It has a great engine that exhibits moderate power. It’s not only a great bike for daily use, but will also take you for long-distance rides too.

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Published at: 06-04-2021