Toyota Retires Auris Brand Name

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In 2019, Toyota decided to drop the compact Auris brand name – and since then, all of Toyota’s family car models have been issued under the Corolla brand. Nonetheless, if you own an Auris, finding a genuine Toyota Auris car battery will, at some stage, be vital to keep your car on the road. Fortunately, there’s a wide range of compatible Toyota battery options, and any high-quality one with the same specs will keep even an older car running like new.

The Auris brand was sold across Europe and the UK for a number of years but Toyota has now decided to replace it with the Corolla brand name. While cars under the Auris name have seen moderate success in Europe, Toyota now wants all its mid-sized family cars to come within the Corolla range.

Corolla has been a name absent from the UK market for around a decade, although it was still a familiar sight in car showrooms in other parts of the world. Now, however, the Corolla is back in the UK, in accordance with Toyota’s new marketing and manufacturing strategy.

The Toyota Auris was first used on the European market in 2006, and generally pinned to hatchbacks and estate models, while its saloon cars retained the Corolla name brand.

But using two different names for essentially similar mid-sized family cars diluted Toyota’s market offering, so neither was ever likely to appear in the best-selling cars list in this category alongside the likes of the ever-popular VW Golf or Ford Focus. By reuniting the range under one brand, Toyota looks to be strengthening its market strategy to position its offerings as the best-selling cars in the market in 2021.

All Auris models have been built at Toyota’s Burnaston factory since the brand name’s inception. Initially, the Auris was intended to be a sleeker and more modern iteration of the Corolla. But with this change, 2018 was the last year Toyota manufactured cars under the Auris name. The new hybrid Toyota Corolla has now replaced the Auris after making its debut in 2019.

Toyota’s decision to replace the Auris name with Corolla is part of the company’s move towards its Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform. With this, Toyota aims to standardise parts and engines in all its models.

Even though the Auris has been discontinued, car enthusiasts will still find used cars on the market today. Depending on the age of the car, its mileage, and condition, a used Auris is usually within the price range of £3,995 to £5,495. As with any car, if you buy a second-hand model, you’ll eventually need a new Toyota Auris car battery at some stage down the line.

Toyota UK itself will still sell used Auris vehicles, but other platforms do offer more options at a wider variety of prices. Research found price tags ranging between £1,995 and £14,995. Obviously, the newer the car, the better the condition and the lower the mileage, so the higher price dealers will tend to ask for them.

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Published at: 03-11-2020