Toyota Camry Returns To The UK Market

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Automotive manufacturer Toyota has finally reintroduced the Camry to the UK market. As with most modern car models, the new Toyota Camry comes with a wide range of advanced onboard electronics and accessories, as well as start-stop technology. As such, batteries for cars like this need to be robust enough to handle the increased power demand. The good news is, the Camry is well-equipped with car batteries up to the task.

The latest model of the Camry emphasises energy efficiency, featuring a self-charging hybrid that allows its batteries to be automatically topped up during drives.

Heavily influenced by Toyota's push for eco-friendliness, the new Camry is very similar to the Prius but with a much more robust frame. It is quite a large saloon compared to other models and is powered by a 2.5-litre petrol engine.

To decrease carbon dioxide emissions, the engine is twinned with a ULEZ-friendly electric motor specially designed to enhance fuel-saving. It has a low rating for CO2 emissions, producing only 98 grams per kilometre.

Another prominent feature of the Camry is its high level of performance. The vehicle is capable of remarkable bursts of power, capable of going from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just 8.3 seconds.

Apart from it's Normal and Eco modes, the Camry also has a Sport mode tuned to provide a more dynamic driving experience.

In Sport mode, drivers can utilise Toyota's innovative Sequential Shiftmatic system, which lets them move the gear lever in a manner similar to manual six-speed sequential changes. Although not quite the same as manual transmission, it offers more control over the revs, which can be useful in certain situations.

The Toyota Camry promises to provide excellent handling and ride quality, which it primarily achieves with soft suspension, capable of significantly reducing the impact of road imperfections. Drivers can expect to get smooth rides at low to medium speeds, even on rough terrain.

The car also is equipped with sound insulation to protect its passengers from excessive exterior noise. This makes for very quiet drives, especially since the vehicle is capable of running on battery power alone.

Although it comes with a secure grip, the car's overall length of 4,885 millimetres makes cornering a cumbersome process. Making the Camry ideal for cruising, though less suited to navigating twisty roads.

In terms of aesthetics, fans of sleek vehicles may be drawn to Camry's look. The car's distinctive face is decorated with intricate plastic work, giving it an elegant appearance that is sure to draw attention. The car's cabin also has a unique style, featuring seats made of soft materials with a plush and comfortable feel.

The Camry's interior is also enormous, with enough space to comfortably fit five adults. The car batteries are stored underneath the rear seats instead of the floor, which frees up a lot of extra foot space. Additionally, the cabin provides plenty of storage options with large door pockets, armrest storage space, and cup holders.

In addition to comfort, its infotainment system is also seamlessly integrated into the dashboard, with large easy-to-press buttons that allow drivers to select the correct functions while staying focused on the road.

The Toyota Camry is available at dealerships nationwide for £30,710.

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Published at: 28-07-2020