The BMW Z8 Has Seen A Surge Of Interest, And Here’s Why

The BMW Z8 roadster has had its share of the limelight for several years now after starring as the car of choice in a couple of James Bond films. This underappreciated machine was cast aside and neglected by car buyers in the past but has now become one of the most coveted cars sought after by enthusiasts. The BMW car battery used to power the car and its components has to be tough to keep up with the demand placed on it. Typically, a BMW battery usually lasts three to five years, depending on how it’s used and looked after, so if you are lucky enough to have a BMW Z8, you should be looking to replace it around this time.

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This car was designed in the early 1990s under the supervision of Chris Bangle, who was the head of BMW’s design department at the time. Its retro-lines, though, actually came from designs by Henrik Fisker.

The car’s defining concept is its curving bodywork along with a wide stance and a flying buttress helmet. Overall, it has the nostalgic and classic look of the Fifties era. When the Z8 was first launched in 1999, it was a big shock to car aficionados and buyers, simply because there wasn’t much of a deviation from the familiar design of the BMW 507. While there were a few small tweaks, it was relatively similar in looks to its predecessor.

But that was exactly what the Z8 was aiming for. It achieved a retro look, with a separate space for the frame chassis, and an aluminium bodywork. Any buyer who wanted it had to pay a hefty £86,650. While it seemed like an achievement at a time, it was received with rather lukewarm appreciation from the general public because it bore so many similarities to an earlier BMW model.

An issue with production also limited the manufacture of these cars to just 5,703 units between 1999 and 2003: the assembly was almost completely carried out by hand. You’ll find the majority of the cars in titanium silver, following the launch and Bond films. Other colours include black, Topaz blue, red, and Stratus grey.

The engine included back then was the S62 4941cc V8 and it was the first M Power V8 from BMW. It had a Getrag six-speed manual gearbox, which was both thorough and precise. It also featured an all-aluminium space frame construction, the material chosen because of its lightweight features, as well as its strength and the impact performance it provided. Its MacPherson suspension was also constructed from aluminium.

The brakes on this roadster were from BMW 750i, which had ample power to stop the car smartly. The steering was also notable because it was the first time that BMW did not use recirculating-ball steering in a V8-powered vehicle.

The interior was just about what you’d expect from any luxury roadster in this price bracket, with electric leather seats, satellite navigation, a sound system with ten speakers distributed around the car, air conditioning, and a retro-inspired steering wheel. These electronic components are all powered by a suitably high-performing BMW car battery.

Even with the aluminium construction, it still tipped the scales at 1,585kg, which is pretty heavy for a two-seater car. It goes from 0-62MPH in as little as 4.7 seconds when travelling in a straight line, and with the top down, it feels as fast as it goes. There’s no wonder why interest in this car, perhaps undervalued at the time, has increased continuously in recent years.

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Published at: 04-05-2021