Sportback And Saloon Versions Of 2020 Audi S3 Revealed

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This year’s Audi S3 Hot Hatch and Saloon models have been revealed to the public, along with their specifications, prices, and release date. With many attractive yet demanding on-board accessories on these vehicles, prospective buyers will need to source top quality yet relatively cheap car batteries so that the inevitable replacement will be easy and affordable. Future car owners may be asking themselves, “where can I buy a cheap car battery?” so it’s important you find out where great deals are to be had on the Internet before you’re caught out by a failing battery!

The 2020 Audi S3 Sportback has its usual 2.0-litre 4-cylinder engine, just like the older model. The two car models also produce the same amount of torque at 400Nm. However, the company has introduced a few changes that make the engine produce 310hp compared to the old version’s 300hp.

According to Audi, the new model can go 0-60 miles an hour in 4.8 seconds, which means it will actually be a tenth of a second slower than its predecessor. However, the maximum speed will be similar to the old S3, which is 155mph.

The design of the Audi S3 Sportback is pretty similar to the standard A3’s S Line versions, but the biggest difference is that it has a lot of extra black sections. Its hexagonal grille also looks the same from afar, but close-up, car enthusiasts will see its S badge and chunkier mesh. Moreover, the intakes located below the headlights have black trims that match the colour of the car’s splitter.

When it comes to the car’s interior, there are also similarities with the old S3. Its dashboard has the same design, with tons of metal trim. However, the bottom of the steering wheel is flattened, which is design that’s exclusive to the S3. The seats also look more elegant than the regular A3’s design, with the option for stitching in bold colours for a contrasting style.

The Sportback version is a centimetre longer but has the same width as the regular model, so the space inside is plenty sufficient to accommodate four adults. Carrying five is certainly possible, but it may feel a little cramped.

As the car’s boot space is fitted with the four-wheel drive, car owners will have limited storage options with the new S3. The new model can carry around 325 litres of belongings compared to the regular A3, which can accommodate at least 380 litres.

Audi is also to release a Saloon version of the S3. Apart from a different swooping body design, the Saloon S3 is identical to the Sportback version in every way, from the performance to the storage capacity.

Each S3 has a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox as standard. Both also have suspensions that are 155mm lower compared to the A3 and 18-inch wheels. Audi will give consumers the option for their cars to have adaptive dampers, allowing them to pick between a sporty and a softer driving mode – a feature that will shine when driving over potholes in the road.

Car enthusiasts may also choose a special “Audi S3 Edition One” version for both the Sportback and Saloon models. These special edition cars come equipped with 19-inch alloy wheels, Nappa leather sports seats, and exclusive colours – the Saloon comes in Tango Red, while the Sportback comes in Python Yellow.

Consumers in the UK can now buy the Sportback for £38,000 and the Saloon for £38,500.

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Published at: 03-09-2020