Should You Buy A Used VW Beetle?

Back in 2001, the Beetle RSI was only supposed to be limited to 250 copies. But its success led it to be one of the most interesting cars produced by the folks at Volkswagen, despite receiving some criticism upon release. Its features are powered by a VW Beetle car battery to allow it to go for the long haul, a characteristic that Volkswagen vehicles are known for. This movie-star car can utilise a quality VW battery for years if provided with the right care and maintenance.

The Beetle is a tough and resilient car, which makes it a great vehicle. Anyone who has been looking to get one brand new will be disappointed, but the good news is that there are still many options in the used market.

This car offers a lot to any potential owners. There are plenty of engine options to choose from: a 114bhp 2.0-litre petrol, 168bhp 2.3 V5, and many more. All these options vary in engine power but will retain a composed ride on different surfaces.

The steering is also notable with its new electro-mechanical arrangement that’s powered by a VW battery. This makes the steering a bit more agile, but some argue that it doesn’t really contribute to precision. Nevertheless, this additional feature aims to provide this model with a sporty feel when driving around corners.

It grips fairly well, if not better than previous models. In addition to the wide tracks, larger tyres increase the traction, and this makes turning and cornering that much easier.

If you want to buy a used VW Beetle, you have to make sure that you know what you’re looking out for. Expert John Evans from Autocar lists several points to consider when picking out the best car from the lot.

Looking at the engine, the timing belt and water pump should have been replaced regularly at an average of every 60,000 miles. If you are looking at diesel variants that show a sluggish engine, then the car may have had a failed solenoid, or its turbo vane is clogged up. If the car runs poorly, there may be a faulty mass airflow sensor, incorrect spark plug gaps, or the coil packs are already failing.

You should also look at the transmission even though it’s hard to determine how big of a problem the car currently has. One thing to note is that if the manual transmission dual-mass flywheel is rattling, you’re better off looking for a different car altogether as these are expensive to replace.

Checking the suspension and brakes, the front lower arm bushing and anti-roll bar should not knock at each other. Also, check to see if the ABS light is on. The body and interior should not show signs of repair and abuse.

All in all, the VW Beetle is a great car to own because of its toughness and durability from the inside out. Make sure to carefully scrutinise your prospects, and you will undoubtedly find a great buy.

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Published at: 13-04-2021