Royal Enfield Surprisingly Tops Motorcycle Sales Charts

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The Royal Enfield Interceptor 650, a product made by a proud Indian manufacturer, has topped the motorcycle sales charts. It’s an air-cooled parallel twin-engine paired with a powerful motorbike battery, and many riders have developed a liking for this retro-bike. To make sure its engine stays roaring, many motorbike owners will want to know where to find reliable motorbike batteries for sale.

The global market has certainly undergone unprecedented transitions this year. In the UK alone, there were unexpected changes in the market share for motorbikes, at least for the month of June. With an increasing number of moped, scooters and motorbikes on the streets, the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 has gained an impressive market share across the globe.

Believe it or not, this motorbike model outsold the long-running BMW R1250 GS in June. According to the Motorcycle Industry Association (MIA), the Indian manufacturer sold 196 units of the Interceptor 650.

This is a noteworthy win for the retro-standard, as it means they have now outsold 2019’s best-selling motorcycle. This is made all the more surprising when you consider that bulky adventure bikes are usually the chart-toppers in Europe. However, it was not the largest seller in the motorbike category overall in June. Here, the Honda PCX125 scooter remained king, with 445 units sold during that month.

But for most bike owners, it won’t be a surprise for a machine like the Royal Enfield to hit number one spot, because European cities are typically scooter-friendly.

One contributing factor to Royal Enfield’s success is the fact that the motorcycle industry has experienced an astonishing boost in sales in the early part of this year as commuters have been actively avoiding public transportation in the light of the coronavirus pandemic. Scooters, mopeds, and motorbikes are now more than ever seen as being effective and affordable solutions for safe travel.

The Royal Enfield’s path to dominating the trade today began ten years ago. Then, it opened new production plants in India and underwent a programme of continuous improvements to its operations. Later, it developed an air-cooled parallel twin-engine, which is used both in the Interceptor and Continental GT 650.

Royal Enfield has achieved several key milestones in the recent decade, including the acquisition of a speed shop in the United Kingdom, Harris Performance Products, as well as the opening of their very own motorcycle research and development facility in England.

This chain of events has allowed the business to gain valuable information and improve their way of modelling bikes to meet the UK market’s preferences. They have successfully positioned themselves as makers of classic-bodied British motorbikes built with modern components.

Additionally, they were able to zero in on producing mid-weight retro bikes, which no other manufacturer specialises in. Main players like Triumph, Mash, and Bullit have yet to capture and earn the trust of the UK market in terms of their machines’ functionality and performance.

Many would argue that this Royal Enfield win is just a fluke; the competition with BMW was neck and neck. This could very well be a short-term achievement, but it has taken years of determination and innovation to get here, and it is rightfully a moment to celebrate for the company.

The next question is, how will they sustain this success? They’re far from achieving complete industry dominance, but they are definitely on the right track.

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Published at: 06-10-2020