Retail Prices For 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Line Announced

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German automotive company Daimler AG has announced its retail prices for the new 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class line-up. The price tags are unsurprisingly hefty, though they won’t affect how much a Mercedes Benz battery is. Though the S-Class comes with the brand’s best tech to date, the typical Mercedes battery will still be able to keep up with the car’s demands.

The 2021 S-Class also comes in different models, each fitted with the car brand’s best technology so far. Mercedes-Benz has also begun accepting orders for its 2021 S-Class sedans, with deliveries set to start in December of this year for buyers in Europe.

2021 S-Class Pricing

Buyers can expect to shell out around £85,000 for the entry-level S350d. This is the cost of the standard wheelbase version, but the long wheelbase version comes with a higher price tag of about £88,000.

The 4Matic versions are also more expensive than the basic S350d. Buyers can expect to shell out around £89,000 for the S350d 4Matic, about £95,000 for the S400d 4Matic, and £98,000 for the S450 4Matic. The S500 4Matic version is the most expensive in the line-up, with a starting price of about £105,000.

These prices can balloon once buyers start adding different features to build the car they want, though. The head-up display with augmented reality, for example, adds about £3,174 to the price. Other add-ons can be fairly expensive too, with features like ambient lighting or a rear airbag costing around £840 and £530 respectively.

Currently, it seems that only the S350d, S400d, S500 models will be available in the UK. That means the models with hybrid powertrains will not be available in the UK – at least not yet. Buyers can expect to receive their new cars this December or early 2021.

Mercedes-Benz’s Best Technology to Date

However, even without the pricey add-ons, the 2021 S-Class already comes with many high-quality features. All models come with a 12.8-inch touchscreen OLED display that consumes about 30% less energy than its older LCD counterpart. Buyers will also get to enjoy Mercedes-Benz’s MBUX infotainment system, which includes features like voice recognition and augmented-reality navigation.

Unlike other cars, the S-Class also has tech behind the driver for those sitting in the backseat. Not only is there plenty of legroom, but the rear can also come fitted with two optional 11.6-inch touchscreen displays. All the touchscreen displays in the car can be connected to each other, and drivers and passengers can send media from one screen to another with just a swipe of a finger.

Can a Mercedes battery keep up with all these new electronics and all their energy demands? Fortunately, as long as a car battery is well-maintained, it can withstand this kind of heavy use. Changing the battery every few years, keeping it clean and properly charged between times, and protecting it from extremes of temperatures will keep the car running, even with the addition of much of this new electronic tech.

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Published at: 05-10-2020