Production Of Supercharged Tesi H2 Set To Begin In September

what are the features of the Tesi H2 bike

Bimota, an Italian manufacturer of exotic, luxury motorbikes, has confirmed that production for the supercharged Tesi H2 will begin in September this year. Like most Bimota motorbikes, this brand-new model is expected to require a powerful motorcycle battery to meet its driving requirements. Because of this, motorcyclists eyeing the Tesi H2 will want to buy motorcycle battery replacements with the right specifications.

The Tesi H2 was expected to launch in June, but Bimota experienced problems with the supply of parts due to the coronavirus, which caused a shutdown for one month and delayed production.

Bimota spokesperson Gianluca Galasso said that most production parts would not come until early August. The company will need until September 2020 to finish the bike and release it to the public, hoping to complete at least 20 bikes during the month.

Galasso also shared changes about the bike, particularly its new paint job, which is slightly different from the Tesi H2 that they presented at the Eicma show. The new red colour changes shade based on the angle of the light, while the white is a matt pearl.

The Tesi H2 was presented at the Eicma show last year, alongside the announcement that Kawasaki has purchased a 49.9% stake in Bimota. The Tesi H2 motorbike has a 228bhp four-cylinder engine that is similar to the Kawasaki Ninja H2 engine.

Many bikers showed concern regarding specific design choices of the Tesi H2, particularly the extra weight added by the hub centre steering. It was later revealed that the motorcycle would weigh 214 kilograms, ready to ride – a lesser weight than the Ninja H2, which weighs 238 kilograms. The reduction of 24 kilograms was due to the extensive use of carbon fibre in the motorbike’s build.

Before the announcement of the Tesi H2’s production, Bimota released a YouTube video of the bike at Autodromo dell'Umbria circuit in Magione, Italy, showing its front wheel and hub steering working in coordination. It also showed the suspension travel at the rear and front, side by side with a smaller video of the part-analogue clocks.

Galasso shared that they took the H2 Tesi brake tests in Magione because it has the toughest racetrack. The brakes can easily ‘fade’ due to the rotor discs and callipers only having a limited time to cool down. He also spoke about testing the entire bike, specifically the trail, the ground clearance, the brakes, the height, shocks setting, and a few small components.

Galasso also discussed the various coronavirus-related precautions taken during the brake test. The team had to state the names of their workers in advance because they were the only ones permitted to enter the paddock. They also had their body temperature checked and wore masks, while the authorised personnel sanitised the restrooms and garage every two hours.

Pierluigi Marconi designed Tesi H2 for his engineering thesis. There is no available pricing at this time, but bikers expect that the Bimota Tesi H2 will cost around twice as much as the Kawasaki Ninja H2.

Choosing The Best Bimota Battery

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Published at: 27-07-2020