Previewing The 2022 Nissan X-Trail

what does the nissan x-trail look like

Despite already being one of the best-selling sports utility vehicles worldwide – selling over 800,000 units globally – Japanese manufacturer Nissan has deemed it necessary to give their flagship SUV model an upgrade set for release in 2022. Like the Nissan Juke, car battery power for this model is expected to be top-notch. With all of the power-intensive features anticipated, we can expect it to come equipped with a robust Nissan battery that’s fit for the task.

Similar to the Nissan Juke, on-road performance is excellent for the current model; however, the competition is starting to catch up, particularly in terms of driving dynamics, handling, and overall driving experience.

With the popularity of compact crossovers in today's automotive landscape, Nissan is putting a lot of effort into its redesign of the Nissan X-Trail.

What to expect

Due to the model’s market position, expectations for the latest X-Trail – also known as Rogue in North America – are naturally high. Customers who are avidly awaiting the release of the new model can expect its design to be quite similar to the latest Nissan Juke. The current models are identical in many ways, and these similarities will likely carry over to the new generation of models.


The new version of the X-Trail is set to sport a bold new look, which is also partly inspired by the Juke. For the first time, the X-Trail will feature split headlights and daytime running lights, which perfectly complement its prominent new grille.

The action around the back is a bit similar to the current model, but with a boxier appearance. The rear lights are also noticeably more angular.

The 2022 X-Trail will also be slightly shorter and lower than its predecessor, with the addition of a few aerodynamic touches like an active grille shutter to save fuel and LED headlights that are standard-fit.

Finally, buyers also have the option to apply a two-tone colour scheme for added flair!


This seven-seater is expected to come with plenty of hi-tech features, all powered by its heavy-duty Nissan battery

The Nissan ProPilot driver assistance system is one of its most prominent features. This technology combines adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and stop-and-go functionality.

The driver assistance system uses sat nav data to pre-emptively adjust speed as well. The 2022 edition X-Trail is a car that can mostly drive itself in certain situations. 

When it comes to connectivity, it's packed! With Android Auto, wireless Apple CarPlay, and a heads-up display as part of its standard package.


This SUV features a CMF platform that supports hybrid technology. Thanks to this, the X-Trail’s carbon dioxide emissions will be lowered by about 40 percent.

The car also comes with an “ePower” hybrid powertrain. This system is comprised of a petrol engine and a battery pack, which supplies power to the electric motor.

While still in development, the latest edition of the X-Trail may be released as early as the last quarter of 2021. Though for the time being, the car’s price tag remains undisclosed.

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Published at: 21-07-2020