Police Campaign For Motorcycle Road Safety

Motorcycle riders in Wales can now expect to encounter police who will be patrolling high-risk roads and spots where bikers meet frequently. As part of a new safety campaign, police will be checking bikes for their roadworthiness. This makes it more critical than ever for motorists to learn how to choose a motorcycle battery that will last a long time and provide ample power and performance for their vehicles. Because the motorcycle battery is in charge of powering a bike's safety features, lights, and navigation, it's mandatory to keep it in good working condition and buy an appropriate replacement if necessary.

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Police in Wales conduct this check annually to keep riders safe on the road and to eradicate issues on the bikes that lead to road-related accidents. In the checks that they will perform, they pay particular attention to the tread levels and the pressure of tyres. Brakes are also checked for their performance to see if the bike is roadworthy. They will put markings on roads that have been recognised as high-risk areas as well to ensure that motorists are warned and are more safety-conscious and vigilant on their journey.

Chief of Police in North Wales, Chief Inspector Jon Aspinall, said that reducing casualties is one of their top priorities, and they will continue to target those who drive dangerously. They will do so with a view to prosecute those who drive at excessive speeds, overtake in places where it is prohibited, or commit any other road offences.

They call the campaign in Wales 'Operation Darwen'. It is aimed to encourage every road user to be safe and competent on the road, which should lead to a significant reduction of collisions and road accidents.

Aspinall added that riders have an essential role to play in ensuring their safety as well as other people's road safety. They can do this by travelling at the appropriate speed on all roads and considering the weather and traffic. They should also wear high-visibility clothing and wear a helmet and other proper attire. Travelling on the roads in North Wales should be enjoyable, but riding and driving safely is still the priority, according to him.

Teresa Ciano, GoSafe Partnership manager and the chair for Road Safety in Wales, said that motorcyclists are the most vulnerable road users. Through engagement and education of Operation Darwen, they hope to encourage more riders to be safer on the roads. They are asking the riding public to always prepare for their journeys, give enough space for everyone, and position themselves in the safest and most visible place possible.

Among the most common causes for road collisions involving motorcycles are worn tyres, those with pressures below the prescribed level, and unreliable brakes. This is why these are what officers will check against the safety standards.

In 2020, North Wales recorded 70 motorcycle-related accidents that lead to serious injury or fatal crashes and collisions. That number is 4.1% lower than 2019 data, but it is hoped that the Roads Police will further decrease that statistic.

South Wales Police Assistant Chief Constable and the strategic lead for Roads Policing in Wales, Mark Travis, said that they are working to make roads safer for every road user. However, a substantial number of severe injuries and fatalities include motorcyclists, which is why they are checking bikes more strictly. One of the things he reminded everyone on the road to be aware of is that motorcycles are hard to see, and if met with an accident, they are most prone to more serious injuries.


Another police initiative in keeping UK motorcyclists safe is BikeSafe. Its goal is to work with motorcyclists to raise awareness on the importance of accredited post-test training. They have workshops that involve an observed ride with police-graded motorcyclists or someone from the initiative as an observer.

BikeSafe workshops involve checking the rider's attitude, their systematic road navigation methods, collision causation, how they corner, positioning on heavy traffic, how they overtake, observing their surroundings, how they brake, hazard perception, and their use of gears.

They maintain that BikeSafe is not a training scheme. However, they provide workshops and detailed briefings on how to ride a motorcycle safely by educating owners about how to choose a motorcycle battery, check the lights, and other essential vehicle components.

Data from BikeSafe say that there are 60 serious motorcycle-related accidents every day. These include at least one fatality, and some 16 involve severe and life-changing injuries to the rider or their passenger. Most of these accidents are known to be caused by rider error.

In eight years, from 2011 to 2018, BikeSafe has jointly held 5,000 workshops with police riders and has invested over 230,000 hours into training and educating riders.

Government Guidelines on Safety Equipment

Whether you're riding a motorcycle, moped, or a motor tricycle, the Government mandates certified helmets. The helmet must comply with at least one of the standards, including the British Standard BS 6658:1985, and carry the BSI (British Standards Institution) Kitemark, UNECE Regulation 22.05, or any standard that's accepted by a member of the European Economic Area that has a safety level and protection that's equivalent to the BSI standard or the BSI Kitemark.

Wearing glasses and contact lenses are also encouraged, as the rider needs to be able to read a number plate at the prescribed distance. Goggles and visors also need to comply with the same standards as the helmets.

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Published at: 15-07-2021