Peugeot Partner Van Technology Warns Drivers Of Overloading

what is the maximum capacity of a peugeot partner van

According to research conducted by Peugeot UK, 25 per cent of vans in the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) roadside tests exceeded their payload capacity. To address this issue, Peugeot organised a Tradesman Challenge to showcase the Overload Indicator technology of Peugeot Partner vans, which also come with a reliable Peugeot Partner battery. The Peugeot battery is essential to the function of the Overload Indicator, as well as other Partner features like the heads-up display, lights, and remote central locking with deadlocks.

Peugeot’s research also determined that 7 per cent of van drivers in the UK exceeded their payload limit by as much as 30 per cent, which can lead to safety issues for all road users and not just the drivers. Overloaded vehicles can lead to increased braking distances, as well as increased wear and tear on safety-critical parts like tyres, brakes, and suspension.

The DVSA has weighed over 44,000 vans in their roadside tests since 2015. Out of the 44,000 vans, 23 per cent were discovered to be overloaded. Drivers found to have exceeded the maximum payload can receive fines ranging from £100 to £300 when exceeding the limit by more than 15 per cent. Meanwhile, exceeding 30 per cent can lead to a driver facing a court summons.

As part of their commitment to distinguished design and uncompromising quality, Peugeot developed the Overload Indicator technology, which alerts drivers of van overloading.

It comes with a two-stage system that first warns drivers when they are about to reach 10 per cent of the maximum gross vehicle weight. The Overload Indicator will provide a second alert when the vehicle’s payload capacity has been exceeded.

The alert signal comes from the rear of the van and is also shown on Peugeot’s i-Cockpit® display to ensure that drivers have maximum visibility both when loading their van and when they are about to depart.

Through its Tradesman Challenge, Peugeot gave the plumbers and electricians who participated a chance to test Peugeot’s Overload Indicator by loading a Partner van to the maximum capacity they were able without triggering the alert. They loaded the vans with things that they would usually carry in their line of work, such as paint pots, roofing supplies and tiles.

The team of electricians won the Tradesman Challenge by loading 917 kg of goods, the closest to reaching the maximum 983-kg payload of the Peugeot Partner Grip BlueHDi 100 S&S 5-speed manual used in the challenge.

Ultimately, the Tradesman Challenge showed the Overload Indicator to be effective in preventing van overloading, proving it to be a great feature for improving the road safety of Peugeot Partner van users.

David Peel, managing director of Peugeot UK, said that that with the Tradesmen Challenge, Peugeot had an excellent opportunity to put their technologies to good use, as well as showcase how easy overloading a van really is.

Peel added that road safety is one of the company’s main priorities and that innovative features, like the Overload Indicator, are key to addressing serious safety concerns.

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Published at: 14-08-2020