Peugeot Partner Proves To Be A Reliable Choice In The Small Van Niche

The Peugeot Partner is now one of the standard go-to vehicles in the small van niche in the UK. Since its introduction in 2018, the practicality, payload ability, and advanced technology have not yet been matched by other manufacturers. The on-board features it possesses all rely on having a suitable Peugeot Partner van battery. A good quality Peugeot battery will offer long-lasting service and assurance that it won’t let you down unexpectedly.

If you’re looking to buy one of these vans, there are four trim levels available, depending on the application you want it for. These include the Partner S, which is geared toward buyers looking for reliable fleet vehicles; the Partner Grip, which is designed to suit the construction industry; and the Professional and Asphalt trims, which include features making them suitable for anyone who wants to use this in lieu of a car and as an all-round day to day drive.

Whichever version you opt for, though, all come with front-wheel drive, electric windows, offset double rear doors, a single sliding door, a full steel bulkhead, an adjustable steering wheel, load hooks, and auto lights as standard.

The Grip trim also has Peugeot’s Grip Control system. This allows better “grip” on different types of surfaces. Additionally, it features an additional 30mm height with mud and snow tyres. You can still opt for the Grip Control system if you choose a different trim, though. Choosing a base model is just the start: each purchase can be customised according to your preferences.

The Professional and the Asphalt both have a three-seat cab layout; and thanks to the multi-flex folding seat, owners can create even more storage inside the van if needed.

The Professional has a rear parking sensor along with cruise control and a touchscreen DAB radio where you can utilize Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. It also has two USB sockets for charging devices. In addition to these features, the Asphalt trim also adds coloured bumpers, satellite navigation, and a nearside camera. You’ll need a sturdy Peugeot Partner van battery to power these devices as well as the other essential components included in this small van.

The Partner range utilises Peugeot’s BlueHDi diesel engine in 75, 100, and 130 options. The 75 and 100 have five-speed manual gearboxes, while the 130 comes as an eight-speed automatic. All feature start/ stop technology.

One of the strong points of this small van is the fuel economy. The BlueHDi 100 is the best of the lot when it comes to saving you fuel and maximizing your fuel capacity at a combined economy figure of 52.3mpg, while the BlueHDi 75 does 51.4mpg. The BlueHDi 130 with its auto gearbox gives 50.7 mpg.

When it comes to capacity, the Standard has 3.3 cubic metres of cargo volume, but vans with the Multi-Flex front seat carry 3.9 cubic metres, with an additional 600 litres of space available if you fold the front passenger seat and open the bulkhead door. Opt for the Long van and you’ll get 3.8 cubic metres of space, rising to 4.4 in Multi-Flex mode. The Crew has 1.8 cubic metres if all five seats are fitted, 3.5 metres in two-seat mode, and up to 4.0 cubic metres if the bulkhead’s open and rear seats are folded.

The Peugeot Partner van is an option well worth considering if you’re looking for a utilitarian vehicle for hauling equipment and gear around. It has a reliable engine and plenty of features you will enjoy even when just cruising around the countryside.

Best Batteries for Small Vans

While everyone has different requirements from their vehicles, it’s universally accepted that vans like the Partner are great options when it comes to practicality and utility. It has space and design features to provide you with what you need anytime. Keeping your van well-maintained will ensure it gives you plenty of years of service.

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Published at: 12-04-2021