Northumberland Car Parks Could Get Permission For Overnight Motorhome Stays

Northumberland City Council is looking to create a measure for the summer season for staycation holidays. The communities, including Alnmouth, Bamburgh, Seahouses, Beadnell, and Amble, are considering allowing overnight parking for visitors. With motorhomes becoming a popular way for people to spend their holidays during the pandemic, leisure batteries have also been in high demand as these power the vehicle’s on-board amenities. There are many options for leisure batteries in the UK, and finding the right supplier is important. With a good quality leisure battery, motorhome owners can enjoy lasting comfort on their adventures.

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To make the plans for overnight parking possible, the City Council is working with AONB to create a proper motor caravan protocol. Paul Jones, director of Local Services, said that they see the trend in motorhomes and caravans ever since the pandemic started, and adds that there is a lack of space and places they can go to.

He said that they are looking at car parks in their area and are in the process of determining it would be acceptable to provide overnight parking for motorhomes. These vehicles can handle night-long use of power-intensive amenities like Wi-Fi, TV, lights, and mini-kitchens thanks to their leisure batteries.

Once the policy has been agreed upon, the Council will implement a pilot scheme in the summer and test it out in different locations. They are also improving the visitor facilities as preparation for the vacation season.

Among the things they plan to include in the protocol are limits on the type of vehicles allowed and how to direct them in a way that won’t cause any issues to the local community and environment, said Jones. Their goal is to drive positive behaviours during the implementation of these protocols and provisions.

Another one of the goals of the City Council is to conduct a safe visitor welcoming experience in Northumberland. Jones claims the key to this is to reduce the pressures exerted on the communities along the coast. They also need to try to mitigate those pressures as the spring and summer seasons arrive.

As there are still restrictions on international flights and the prevalent concerns over going abroad, the City Council is expecting a high number of visitors to visit for a staycation. Most of them will be using their motorhomes to maintain a safe distance whilst having all their essentials close by.

It was reported that one of the issues the Council had in previous summers was a shortage of overnight camping sites. The facilitation of sites will be an ideal move because it will not cause too much inconvenience to locals, and it can also be helpful in terms of increasing tourism in the area.

Council Leader Glen Sanderson said that they were looking forward to welcoming thousands of visitors, but they are also doing their best to manage the flow of people coming into the county over the following few months. This involves a number of steps that will balance the needs of the visitors and the local community, allowing visitors to explore the many places in the county and providing them with clean facilities they can use freely.

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Published at: 30-03-2021