Nissan UK Reveals Tech-Heavy Micra Supermini

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Nissan UK has introduced the N-Tec Micra supermini, complete with an exclusive black design and extra high-tech upgrades. To keep up with the high energy demands of this new car, a heavy-duty Nissan battery will be required. Luckily, Orius offers a wide range of high-quality and long-lasting Nissan Micra car battery options for you to choose from!

The N-Tec Micra, which costs £16,995, was based on the Nissan Juke Acenta model. The exterior looks sleek, with glossy black trim, 17-inch black alloy wheels, and a rear privacy glass. Nissan has also added front fog lights as an added safety measure as part of the standard package.

Inside, the N-Tec Micra is equipped with many advanced features. The NissanConnect touch infotainment system, which comes with the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity systems, is a part of the N-Tec package. It also allows the user to access satellite navigation, allowing for more convenience when driving.

For safe driving, Nissan has added a rear-view camera, a feature expected by many car enthusiasts given that the company is known for using innovative designs to maximise safety.

The car also comes with added rear parking sensors that will help drivers manoeuvre and park in tight spaces. The upgraded onboard system is also enhanced with an Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) feature that can automatically hit the brakes if the vehicle detects a potential collision.

With Nissan focused on releasing bolder and more progressive car upgrades quickly, many car enthusiasts are looking forward to trying out the Micra’s new features.

Just last year, Nissan has launched its previous Micra Xtronic, a Micra supermini version with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) automatic gearbox. Like the N-Tec Micra, it is also heavily packed with car accessories but lacks the latest features added this year. Despite being an older model, the Micra Xtronic also requires a powerful Nissan Micra car battery to achieve optimal driving performance.

The standard features of the Nissan Micra Xtronic include headrest speakers and Bose automobile sound systems, which add a touch of luxury for Nissan car lovers. They are also designed with extra power, integrating an advanced CVT with D-step technology. Some benefits of these advanced features include improved power delivery and driving performance on the road, as well as smoother acceleration and quicker downshifts.

Users can decide whether to use three petrol engines or one diesel for their Nissan Micra. Still, experts recommend the former to have access to the new CVT automatic gearbox and get the most out of the supermini.

The good news is that the car comes with a 1.0-litre IG-T 100 – a new engine with extra 10NM of torque and 10PS of power but with a more fuel-efficient engine, resulting in lower carbon dioxide emissions and better fuel economy.

Because of the entertainment and safety features of the Nissan Micra, it has become a popular car for many urban drivers, offering unparalleled comfort when driving. Moreover, this car’s start-stop system is perfect for driving in cities that have heavy traffic.

But no matter which version of the Nissan Micra you have, it will demand a lot of energy due to its tech-heavy accessories. Regular use of the car and its electrical equipment can drain your battery, leaving you with no choice but to buy a replacement.

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Published at: 27-07-2020