New Toyota Yaris Supermini Set For 2020 Releas

when will the new toyota yaris be released

The Toyota Yaris, which has sold over four million units since its first introduction in 2000, is set to introduce its latest fourth-generation model. The newest version comes with a new Toyota Yaris car battery made from lithium-ion, replacing the nickel hydride battery found in the previous model. This new Toyota battery is 27% lighter than the old system, saving around 20 kilograms of vehicle weight.

The new battery has much quicker draining and charging capabilities than the previous unit. The company expects this new and improved Toyota battery to provide an electric surge with its 79bhp motor, allowing it to complete around 80% of urban journeys solely on electric power.

The new Toyota Yaris includes the newly adapted version of the Toyota New Generation Architecture, GA-B. The chassis boasts added reinforcement to the engine bay, as well as a strut brace that’s bonded to the windscreen base to help improve the vehicle's steering response.

With a quicker rack, the car’s electric power steering now has a more robust and improved pump. The front MacPherson struts reduce friction with springs, and the rear features a much stiffer torsion beam.

With these tweaks, the Yaris fourth-gen model will have a considerably more rigid body shell but with soft springs for a much smoother driving experience, especially on urban roads riddled with pockmarks.

The new Yaris is 3,940 millimetres (mm) long, slightly shorter than the average supermini class length of four metres. Not only is the new Yaris shorter, but it is also lower and wider than its predecessor. The car's wheelbase is larger than average, though, being 50mm longer than the previous Yaris model.

Similar to the Toyota Corolla, the new Yaris has adopted a unique style. It now has sharp creases that make the design more visually appealing. The car’s wheel arches have pronounced blisters now, which are particularly noticeable on the rear door.

At the core of the vehicle is the all-new hybrid powertrain. It is hooked up through a CVT transmission, recalibrated to minimise the "rubber-band" rev of the previous systems.

The engine is a three-cylinder, 1.5-liter, Atkinson-cycle petrol engine. It is similar to the Corolla’s 2-litre motor in terms of bore, stroke, and piston size.

According to Toyota, efficiency rates will be “more than 20 percent” over the previous Yaris hybrid model. In theory, this translates to CO2 emissions as low as 65g/km. No specific power figure was provided, but the company did claim that the total system output has risen by 15 percent, equating to a figure of around 115bhp.

Inside the Yaris is a full-coloured 10-inch head-up display and centre airbags on the inner edges of the front seats. The large central touchscreen features both Android and Apple operating systems, as well as a TFT information display.

The driver seat of this new Yaris is 36mm lower than the previous generation, while the rear area is a squeeze, with six-footers possibly finding the headroom restrictive.

Toyota will start accepting orders this summer 2020, with some customers in the United Kingdom getting their cars as early as September.

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Published at: 27-07-2020