New Toyota Hilux Has Better Off-Road Capabilities

The 2021 Toyota Hilux model, known as the Hilux AT35, is a tougher and more updated version of previous ones. Aside from the fact that the AT35 is highly customisable in the UK, it also boasts a number of improvements, giving it better off-road capabilities. Finding a Toyota battery that can meet the AT35’s high demands should therefore be a priority. Luckily, high-quality Toyota Hilux two batteries can be easily obtained from trusted sellers online.

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The Toyota AT35

The Toyota AT35 is another product of the collaboration between Toyota and Arctic Trucks, an automotive engineering firm. In essence, this model is a modified and upgraded off-road vehicle with improvements to its chassis, suspension, and drivetrain.

Even without the upgrades, the Hilux is already considered to be one of the best models for off-roading. However, with the modifications made by Arctic Trucks, the new AT35 can boast more features that make off-roading an even better experience.

Additionally, Toyota UK is offering up to 40 different accessories for the AT35, making it highly customisable. Customers can choose various features to add to their truck, including lockable storage boxes, a sport bar, side bars, aluminium and spray-on linings, and more. For those with outdoor hobbies, additions like ski and snowboard holders and roof bike holders are also available.

The combination of these accessories and the modifications made by Arctic Trucks results in a powerful yet stylish vehicle.

Better Off-Roading Experience

Because of the AT35’s higher suspension, the truck has more ground clearance than its standard version; improving its approach angles by 9 degrees, while its departure angles have improved by 3 degrees.

Furthermore, this Toyota Hilux model is designed to have wider all-terrain tires. Whilst Arctic Trucks have made a variety of changes to the AT35’s body, not all of these are cosmetic. The AT35 has a wider body and is taller than the standard Hilux model, allowing the AT35 to accommodate wider tires. These wider tires make it easier and safer for the vehicle to drive over softer terrain. In this way, the AT35 can be used for a wider range of terrains, which can make for a better off-roading experience. Buyers will therefore be able to safely travel to areas that the standard Hilux model is unlikely to be able to handle.

However, underneath all these modifications, the AT35 still has all the best features of the standard Hilux. For one thing, it has the same dual Toyota battery that provides a lot of power to keep the car running.

Dual batteries are especially important in off-road vehicles, including the Toyota Hilux. Off-roading often takes people deep into remote areas, far from residential areas. A vehicle with a dual battery system has a security net that can provide power for auxiliary accessories.

An extra battery is similar to an extra tire, in that it’s a good idea to bring along on an off-roading trip. The second battery provides an extra reserve of energy, which may come in handy out in the wild.

Where To Buy Brand-New Toyota Hilux Two Batteries

A dual battery system has to be furnished with reliable car batteries to ensure that the setup works to the best of its potential. Thus, it’s important to make sure that the batteries you buy are genuine and compatible with the make and model of your car.

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Published at: 31-03-2021