New Nissan Juke: Does It Hold The Same Appeal As Before?

When the Nissan Juke was released in 2010, several car manufacturers tried to recreate its bravado and style. With a new Juke in the market, the world is wondering whether it’s on par with the previous release. Enthusiasts are still on the fence about buying accessories and checking out the Nissan Juke car battery price, and there are mixed reviews all around. It looks like those who have a new Nissan battery waiting to be used might hold off until a newer version is released.

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Old vs new: comparing the 1st and 2nd generations

The original Juke was revolutionary because it gave hatchback and supermini enthusiasts a new toy to play with. It was an SUV, but also not quite an SUV. It had the same elevated view without looking too overbearing. Although it had a smaller build, it still demanded respect on the road.

The new version feels a little more conventional, which makes it a bit more predictable. There are also more colour choices, plus a roof option with contrasting colours and LED running lights. But where the old design was bolder this modern Juke is safer.

The new Juke does have impressive safety features, which could be a huge plus. Its automatic emergency braking system can recognise pedestrians, cyclists, and other cars on the road. It’s also built with traffic-sign recognition and lane-departure warning. If you want even more advanced safety features, you could go all the way to higher-ranged models for rear cross-traffic alert and blind-spot monitoring.

The interior is also larger and less cramped in front. The back might still be too small for two adults though, so it still doesn’t give you much value if you need four people seated comfortably. The new infotainment system is passable, but not entirely on par with the market leaders despite being much better than the previous versions. It has an 8-inch touchscreen, with connectivity to Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and Google Assistant; fairly standard for a current model.

Does the driving experience make up for it?

Nissan decided that this time around, they’ll be giving their buyers fewer options. In fact, they only gave a single choice – a 3-cylinder, 1.0-litre petrol, 117hp engine. It also has a standard 6-speed manual gearbox, but you can upgrade to a 7-speed automatic.

It feels a bit sluggish from behind the wheel, especially if you’re a keen overtaker of slow-moving cars. Fuel economy is impressive though, with an average of 47 mpg for the manual. The automatic variant isn’t much different, running at 46 mpg.

The suspension is rather rigid, so expect a bumpy ride. It also comes with three different driving modes – Sport, Standard, and Eco. Using sport mode might give you a bit more power, but the steering is heavier.

It is tough to decide whether the new Juke is a step-up on the old model. But one thing’s for sure – it doesn’t have the same wow factor.

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Published at: 01-03-2021