New Mercedes-Benz Vans ServiceCare Maintenance Launched

what is the maintenance plan being offered by mercedes-benz

Mercedes-Benz Vans has started offering a new ServiceCare Maintenance plan. The company aims to extend significant discounts to its customers while offering a flexible payment plan for world-class service. The extra savings can be used by van owners to cover other regular vehicle maintenance procedures such as Mercedes Benz battery testing or to invest in high-quality replacement Mercedes battery units. This is a time-limited service plan offer which is only available for purchase until the end of 2020.

Mercedes Benz is offering these excellent payment terms in part due to the ongoing health crisis, with a view to helping their customers ride out the storm and trim short-term spending.

As car maintenance can be expensive for vehicle owners, Mercedes-Benz Vans UK is now offering ServiceCare Maintenance plans that allow them to combine the cost of two services at only £360 excluding VAT.

Though payment can be made in full at the time of purchase, the top-tier car manufacturer is offering payment terms that will ease some of their customers’ financial commitments. Car owners are given the option to spread out the cost of the ServiceCare Maintenance plan over the full 12 months, at less than £1 per day.

Based on their published price list, the savings that you’ll get will vary for each model. Compared to the usual cost of maintenance, Sprinter owners can save £96. Citan and Vito clients meanwhile, will save £36 and £84 respectively.

The ServiceCare plan includes two main options, services A and B, which are determined by the vehicle’s age and mileage. The A service is the first maintenance session your car will need. It is recommended to perform at around 15,500 miles, or when your car turns one year old. Service B, on the other hand, is required one year after the A service or after another 15,500 miles, whichever occurs first.

Both services cover the following: synthetic motor oil replacement, oil filter replacement, tire inflation correction, and brake component inspection. And, apart from the processes mentioned, the plan is also inclusive of air filter, fuel filter, pollen filter, and brake fluid changes.

Conducted by a Mercedes-Benz certified crew, customers can be assured of a professionally maintained van that will continue to perform at its peak.

To accommodate more customers, ServiceCare Maintenance also allows customers to make the most of the out-of-hours servicing offered by Mercedes-Benz Dealers at no additional cost. It utilizes the Mercedes-Benz Vans Dealer Network, which maintains free MobiloVan roadside assistance cover, which is available all across Europe, 24/7.

These ServiceCare Maintenance plans are available until 31 December 2020, and should be redeemed within two years of purchasing. The offer is valid for existing Mercedes-Benz customers with Sprinter models from 2006 onwards, Vito models from 2015 to May 2020, and Citan models from 2012 onwards.

All models should be more than 90 days from the date of registration. To get more information, consult participating Mercedes-Benz Vans Dealers across the United Kingdom. Other exclusions may apply.

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Published at: 19-08-2020