New Battery Makes Lithium-Ion Tech 90% Cheaper

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A new kind of battery that is 90% cheaper and potentially safer to produce than standard lithium-ion batteries has been invented. With people wanting to save money on vehicle upkeep and maintenance, people searching where to find cheap batteries will find this development welcome news. Once this invention hits the automotive industry, a cheap car battery will be just around the corner.

In an interview, battery pioneer Hideaki Horie said that the main problem with making lithium-ion batteries now is manufacturing devices like semiconductors. His company, APB Corp’s goal is to make lithium-ion battery production similar to steel production – fast and simple.

With an accomplished background in battery technology development since the 1990s and, having led Nissan’s development of the Leaf electric car, Mr Horie found a way to replace the batteries’ basic components that will significantly improve the manufacturing process.

He found a simplified way to manufacture the batteries by replacing the metal-lined electrodes and liquid electrolytes typically found within lithium-ion cells with a resin construction.

The simplified process allows for 10-meter-long battery sheets to be stacked on top of each other similar to seat cushions, thus increasing their capacity. These resin-based batteries are also resistant to catching fire when punctured.

Mr Horie said that the new construction method is as easy as “buttering toast”.

Lithium-ion batteries were first commercialised by Sony nearly 30 years ago. However, their functionality and usage has come a long way since they were first introduced. Today, lithium-ion batteries are used in a wide variety of everyday essentials, like smartphones and cars.

Presently, lithium-ion batteries last longer, pack more power and cost 85% less than they did 10 years ago; however, safety remains an issue, and lithium-ion batteries have been making headlines as the cause of fires in everything from Samsung smartphones to crashed Tesla cars in recent years.

The latest commercial potential for efficient battery technology is with electric planes. The current energy density of lithium-ion batteries is roughly 2% that of kerosene jet fuel. The largest electric plane to have flown to date is a modified nine-seater Cessna, which completed a successful 30-minute flight earlier this year.

Mitalee Gupta, a senior analyst for energy storage at Wood Mackenzie, said that due to many incidents in recent years, safety has become one of the top priorities of the people in the industry. APB’s battery could be a breakthrough for both storage and electric vehicle applications as long as the company can scale up quickly.

APB has scheduled the mass production of its battery to begin next year after raising £59 million earlier this year to equip a factory to handle production.

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Published at: 21-08-2020