New 2021 Audi Q2 Revealed

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Any future Audi car battery could well have its work cut out for it with the brand’s new offerings. The 2021 Audi Q2 in particular has been revamped and redesigned, and now packs more features and tech than any of its previous incarnations. With the help of a genuine Audi battery, however, these new cars with cutting-edge features are sure to be able to operate at full power.

The Q2, Audi’s entry-level crossover SUV, is expected to go on sale in the UK this month, and Audi has released information on pricing and trims. In previous months, new information regarding the model’s revamped design and new tech features has been put out there as a taster of what’s to come.

2021 Audi Q2 Leaks And Official Information

It was no secret that Audi was coming out with a new 2021 Q2, but the German automobile maker still made sure it kept testing of the new model under wraps. Photos from late last year showed a camouflaged Q2 model at Audi’s testing site in northern Sweden, hinting at new changes to the car’s exterior design. For instance, these images of the camouflaged test model revealed a new headlight design.

At the time that these photographs were taken, there were no clues on the look of the car’s interior. Last month, however, more details about the 2021 Audi Q2 were finally revealed.

The Q2 is set to go on sale this October, and with that date approaching, Audi has released lots more info about the new crossover. For starters, Audi has outlined the trim levels that car enthusiasts can choose between.

There are five different trim levels: the Technik, the Sport, the S Line, the Black Edition, and the Vorsprung. Each level comes with its own price tag, though the lowest price that buyers can expect is around £23,500.

All these versions of the models have LED headlights as standard, which is as predicted, but beyond that, each of them will come with its own set of features.

New Technology And Capabilities

The new headlight design is not the only thing to look forward to with the new Q2. There is also a new octagonal grille design as well as five new body colours. The exterior of the car is an improvement on the previous models, but the interior is where the car’s new tech shines.

Each of the five trims will come with rear parking sensors, cruise control, and powered tailgates. The Sport, S Line, and Black Edition trims, meanwhile, come with voice control capabilities, an 8.3-inch infotainment display, and the Virtual Cockpit digital instrument cluster.

The infotainment display allows several capabilities, including access to traffic information, Google Earth mapping, remote locking via a smartphone app, and even a privacy mode that helps protect data. With all these new features, the Audi car battery will need to be able to keep up with tons of different power demands from all the electronics in the vehicle!

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Published at: 02-11-2020