Motorists To Get An Average Of 7% Off New Car Prices In December

UK vehicle registrations for 2020 are set to reach 1.5 million units, which is a huge drop from the 2.3 million units registered last year. As showrooms in England reopened after the second lockdown, dealers began looking to bump up their sales by offering huge discounts, which will be running throughout December. Customers can expect a discount on average of around 7% on new cars, but the VW Passat saloon is set to have the biggest price cuts with up to 22% off the full listing price. While you’re unlikely to find such huge discounts if you’re looking for a VW Passat car battery, or indeed any other VW battery, you can still benefit from great prices in reliable online stores like Orius Batteries.

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When the second lockdown was imposed on the UK, car dealerships reverted to online transactions and click-and-collect services, which negatively impacted new car registration figures. In addition to lost earnings brought about by the other lockdown restrictions earlier in the year, the auto industry has seen a major drop in revenue across the board.

It’s no surprise, then, that this month sees car dealers trying to sell off as many new cars as possible to boost their end-of-the-year sales figures. As noted, sellers are giving away an average 7% discount across the board over the holiday season.

One piece of market research calculated that the overall average discount of 6.6% equates to a cash saving of around £2,726, with some models being offered at even greater price reductions.

Premium car brands such as BMW, Mercedes, and Audi are among the most heavily discounted brands, with 8.1%, 6.6 %, and 7.2% reductions in price respectively.

Volkswagen Deals

But the most impressive deal this month is for the VW Passat, a petrol-powered family saloon. A 22.3% discount is being offered on the SE Nav Volkswagen Passat specification that comes with 1.5-litre a TSI engine.

Another Volkswagen, the Touran MPV – in SE Family trim with a 1.5-litre EVO petrol engine – will be sold at dealerships at a price reduced by 19.5%. This means that the Touran MPV, which typically sells for about £30,105, can now be bought for £5,621 less.

Models With Notable Discounts

Seat is another big-name brand offering impressive savings on its vehicles. The Arona can now be purchased for 16.9% less than the usual selling price, with a discount overall of 11.4% on the rest of its vehicles.

The 1.0 TSI 115 Ecomotive SE 5dr Seat Ateca, which typically retails for £23,670, will get a 14.6% price cut – and that means a hefty £3,406 cash saving.

If you’re a Mini fan, you can get the Mini Convertible in Classic II trim, sporting a 2.0-litre Cooper S engine, with a 13% discount. This means you’ll get £3,258 off the usual asking price of £26,255.

The Mercedes A-Class, one of the UK’s best-selling cars in 2020, is being offered at an 11% price reduction.

Buyers will save around £6,695 on the BMW 5-Series, specifically the 520d MHT M Sport 4dr Step Auto, thanks to a 16.6% discount on its usual price tag of £43,070.

The supermini Peugeot 108 1.0 72 Active 5dr, typically £13,185 RRP, can be had at a 16.5% discount this month; while Vauxhall's Grandland X trim, sporting 1.6 Hybrid SE Nav 5dr Auto, will see a 15.6% price reduction, saving the buyer £5,618 from the car’s RRP of £36,700.

The 1.3 TCE GT Line 5dr Renault Kadjar, which normally costs £27,695, will be offered at a 15.3% discount.

Carmaker Smart has revealed it’s offering an average of 12% discount across all of its models, while Nissan will be giving 10% discounts.

These discounted prices on new cars is a move to push customers back into the showrooms and a nudge for buyers to do their research thoroughly so they get the best deals.

But despite these discounts, market forecasts predict that the second lockdown means 2020 will become the year with the lowest numbers of sales since 1982.

In mid-October of this year, the UK was expecting roughly 1.66 million car registrations, but the second shutdown pushed that projection down to 1.56 million. This translates to a 750,000 decline in the number of registrations year-on-year and a £22.5 billion loss in turnover.

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Published at: 02-12-2020