Moped, Scooter, And Motorbike Online Searches Rise

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UK commuters who wish to avoid public transport are searching online for alternative ways to get to work. Online automotive marketplace Auto Trader says that they have seen a considerable increase in enquiries for motorbikes, scooters, and mopeds. As more people consider these modes of transport, consideration should be given to the average cost of these vehicles, motorbike battery price, and how long a motorbike battery lasts.

The surge in inquiries comes after the Government's announcement that wearing face masks will be mandatory for all when riding public transport. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also encouraged people who are not able to work from home to avoid public transport as much as possible.

According to Auto Trader, moped inquiries have increased by 219 per cent over the same week last year, while scooter inquiries increased by around 180 per cent.

Apart from doing basic research on these vehicles, Brits are also seriously considering signing up for Compulsory Basic Training, also known as a CBT. Online motorcycle training platform RideTo says that the demand for their CBT course has doubled compared to last year.

Motorcycles vs Scooters vs Mopeds

Motorbikes, scooters and mopeds are all two-wheeled vehicles, but what differentiates them is their size and power capabilities. Each one serves different purposes based on what a rider is looking for.


Motorbikes are designed for higher speeds and have better acceleration and speed handling characteristics, making them perfect for travelling on the highway. Most motorcycles have 250cc or larger engines, as well as larger wheels, usually16 inches or more in diameter.

Motorbikes also come equipped with a clutch that requires the rider to shift gears manually. In contrast, scooters have "twist and go" automatic (CVT) transmissions.

Motorbikes also offer better wind protection than scooters or mopeds, and typically have cargo storage options.


Visually, a scooter has a step-through frame, while a motorbike requires you to swing your leg over. They also have floorboards where you can rest your feet while riding.

Scooters operate on small 10-inch wheels and use an electrical charging system with engines ranging between 50cc to 250cc. Scooters are more fuel-efficient, lighter, and easier to handle when compared with motorbikes.


Mopeds come with bicycle-like pedals that the rider uses to propel the vehicle motor to start. Equipped with small engines no larger than 50cc, they usually reach maximum speeds of around 28 miles per hour. Due to their speed limitations, Mopeds are not allowed on highways.

Choosing A Motorbike Battery

Many people spend a lot of time and effort in researching the right motorbike for their needs. However, choosing the right battery for your motorcycle is equally important.

While the motorbike battery price is always important to consider, the cheapest option is not always the best choice. You will benefit most from a high-quality battery that you can rely on for a long time to provide your vehicle with the best performance possible. You also need to ensure that the battery you buy is fully compatible with your motorbike.

Other factors to consider when making your selection are battery size, starting power, and the battery technology.

Where Can You Find The Best Motorbike Batteries?

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Published at: 03-08-2020