Italjet Dragster Release Delayed

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Italjet has announced that the release of its much-awaited Dragster scooter will be delayed till the 1st quarter of 2021, probably in around February or March, instead of its expected release this year. Unsurprisingly, the delay is largely caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and its huge impact on the scooter’s production. The pandemic has caused plenty of problems, not solely in the motorcycle industry, but in the automobile, accessories, and motorcycle battery industries too, to name but a few. Luckily, production across industry hasn’t come to a complete standstill, though. So if you’re awaiting the release of the Dragster but looking for the best motorcycle battery in the interim for your existing scooter, supplies are still available from trusted sources.

A First Look At The Italjet Dragster

The all-new Dragster was originally revealed in late 2019 and when released, will come in two forms – with either a 125-cc or a 200-cc four-stroke engine.

In June 2020, motorbike enthusiasts were given another glimpse of this innovative scooter, this time being shown a limited edition black and gold beauty. With the extra time given to them by delays in the release, the team at Italjet has added a few more tweaks to ensure the bike passes the current strict emissions guidelines.

Upgrades to the Original Dragster

Aside from upgrading the bike’s suspension and brakes, Italjet has also given the Dragster a larger 11-litre tank. The engine is now also Euro 5-compliant.

The original Dragster was designed with a 175-mm front disc. This time, the new version has been given a much larger unit at 200mm.

Both the 125cc and the 200cc versions now have an anti-lock braking system (ABS) too, whereas previously only the larger machine had ABS. The smaller version used a combined braking system.

It’s also of note that Paioli is providing the suspension for this new version. Paioli is the same brand that worked on the original Dragster, released during the late 90s, as well as versions issued from the early 2000s. Taking into account all these upgrades, if you’re intending to invest in a Dragster of your own next year, it’s definitely worth investing in the best motorcycle battery and other accessories you can find to complement its capabilities.

Limited Edition Models Sold Out in June

Without a doubt, the new version of the Dragster is one of the most anticipated releases in the industry. It’s no surprise, therefore, that the Limited Edition black and gold Dragster has sold out already, even before the bikes have been released.

The first 499 people who paid their deposits back in June were assured to get a machine. Italjet has already announced that no other Limited Edition units will be released, prompting haste to buy among bike enthusiasts.

The model’s rarity also means that it will retain its high value over the longer term, making it an excellent investment. There’s definitely no incentive to fit it out with cheap parts or accessories, and that will mean looking for a high-quality motorcycle battery when the time comes to replace the one that’s fitted to the model when you take delivery.

Meanwhile, there’s been no update so far on the delay to orders placed earlier this year. Production was expected to start in May, but restrictions all over the world means interested buyers from around the globe will have to prolong their anticipation until 2021.

Currently, the 125cc scooter is priced at £4,799 + OTR retail, while the 200cc version will set you back £5,299 + OTR. The regular versions will be available in a number of different themes and colour schemes – anthracite; anthracite and yellow; red and white; and black and grey.

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Published at: 02-12-2020