Ford Fiesta Once Again The Best-Selling Car In The UK

If you’re looking for a great car that has the best value in the market today, the Ford Fiesta has all the practical features you need at an affordable price tag. What’s more, Ford Fiesta car batteries are not difficult to find, so potential owners of this vehicle can rest easy when the time for a replacement comes. Ford battery options for this vehicle can also be highly affordable, depending on where you buy.

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The Ford Fiesta comes in a three- or a five-door hatchback configuration, which is why it is ideal for individuals with different needs. There are also Active and Sport versions for those who want more performance out of their car.

You can expect a lot of adjustment options in terms of space, even down to the entry level. The driver seat and the steering wheel, for instance, can be adjusted to make the driving experience more comfortable. For some models, the passenger seat and the lumbar support can also be adjusted. If you choose a five-door model, you will need to pay extra for adjustable seats, but these are all worth it.

Storage space is also worth looking into. There are many storage areas that can be used to keep your car tidy and free from clutter. The glove box and door pockets are wide enough to store a bottle of water, and the models will have two cup holders and a place to put sunglasses in.

The overall size of the boot is 292 litres, which may not be the largest among its rivals, but it still offers plenty of practical space. When the rear seats are folded down, the overall capacity dramatically increases to 1,093 litres.

You can choose from four different engines, including three petrols and one diesel option.

All the engines perform great, but those who want a more economical approach should opt for the 95hp 1.0-litre turbocharged EcoBoost petrol engine.

Driving the Ford Fiesta is also comfortable and enjoyable. It has plenty of grip and can easily dart around the twists and turns of the road without a lot of problems. The ST model, which is the sports version, will have lowered and stiffened suspension, allowing for less lean in corners. The larger tires will also provide greater traction on the road.

Driving the Ford Fiesta in the city feels natural. Even without opting for the automatic gearbox, you will have no problem driving it smoothly since the car is so well-built.

All the models come with an 8.0-inch infotainment touchscreen control, which can easily connect to Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. The screen is satisfyingly bright, and the menu is very user-friendly, with a six-speaker stereo system. All these systems can be powered effectively by any compatible Ford Fiesta car battery on the market.

There is little wonder why the Ford Fiesta continues to be one of the UK’s top-selling cars since its launch. Looking at the specs closely, you will find that the price is worth the value and service to its owner.

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Published at: 03-05-2021