Experts Warn About Flat Car Batteries During Pandemic

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Data from the Cabinet Office shows that there was a 73 per cent drop in motor traffic on the 29th of March, marking an all-time low since 1955. With many cars being left dormant in garages for long periods, there has inevitably been a surge of car battery problems recently among drivers. With more and more car owners becoming aware of problems like this, many are seeking expert advice on preserving their car battery’s health and searching where to buy car batteries to replace the ones that are already damaged beyond repair.

to a report by the AA (the Automobile Association), more than 30 per cent of the breakdowns happened at home, with car owners suddenly discovering issues with their vehicles that have come about over the lockdown period.

This finding was recently supported by a statement from the RAC (the Royal Automobile Club). According to the RAC, the number of battery faults grew by around twice as many as usual during the lockdown period and were mainly caused by owners not being able to drive the cars often or for long enough to keep their batteries sufficiently charged.

Chris Millward of the RAC stated that drivers have used their cars significantly less over the COVID-19 lockdown period, and when they have driven, it’s only been on short trips for essentials. These quick trips are actually really bad news for car batteries’ health, because they’re not long enough to recharge the battery and allow it to recover from long periods left inactive.

Millward explained that the usual habit of starting the car for just a short time to “heat it up” while parked is potentially detrimental for batteries.

Millward elaborates that, “Sometimes you can take more power out of a battery than you're actually putting in, and also if it’s a petrol engine and you start it and switch it off over a short period of time you can have some flooding issues with the engine”.

According to Green Flag, starting the car’s engine about once a week and letting it run for at least 15 to 20 minutes is the way to go if you want to prevent a flat battery.

Millard also gives a few tips to drivers who need to do regular trips for essentials. First, he recommends if possible, using older vehicles instead of newer, more advanced models, which are packed with power-intensive features that can drain battery life.

Second, he encourages car owners to consider getting a car battery charger to keep at home. He explains that “It is an easy way to keep it topped up at a healthy level, as long as you can safely connect it to your mains supply”.

Other possible car predicaments were brought up by AA’s Ben Sheridan. He warns car owners about the dangers of rodents and other pests, which can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage to your vehicle.

According to him, idle car engines are a very common breeding space for rodents. If you do encounter this, Sheridan suggests inspecting everything else under the bonnet, as they can chew on pipes, wires, and other plastic components.

If the damage has already been done, it’s important for owners to clean out under the bonnet area and get any chewed parts repaired right away.

If you’re worried about the state of your car, don’t worry; easy car checks and maintenance can be done to identify problems before they get worse. Experts advise doing the following:

  • Maintain correct tyre pressure and tread depth
  • Observe if cracking is occurring on the sidewall of the tyres
  • Brush off dust build-up on the brake discs
  • Replenish engine coolant, oil levels, and screen wash

Other vehicles may need more attention on other components. For specific car requirements, consult your owner’s manual for advice on proper care and maintenance.

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Published at: 04-09-2020