Experts Share Essential Vehicle Tips For The Winter

The winter is definitely the most dangerous time of the year to drive. Having analysed data from the Department for Transport, MotorEasy has released details of the top areas for accidents in the UK, where drivers need to take the most care. There is a range of considerations drivers should take into account when driving in the wintertime, especially those with less experience. Areas to focus on include replacing your tyres with ones designed for winter conditions to taking safety equipment with you when travelling. The winter season is also a great time to compare car battery prices and get a fresh or spare unit, to avoid those unexpected breakdowns. But when replacing your car battery, never just opt for the cheapest car battery price – make sure you’re buying one that can withstand the demands of the winter weather.

how to compare car battery prices

According to the data gathered by the Department for Transport and MotorEasy, Glasgow is the worst city to drive in during winter. It was found that 38 per cent of all recorded road accidents from 2015 to 2019 were snow or ice-related.

Other locations cited in the data include Bradford and Leeds, which had a total of 3,375 ice or snow-related accidents over the same period.

MotorEasy founder Duncan McClure Fisher said that it is important for drivers to be well-prepared, especially in wintry conditions. Because overall 20% of all road accidents occur in winter weather, he advised car owners to have their vehicles properly maintained and serviced to keep them in good condition during the winter months.

Additionally, having a car battery that’s fit for purpose can save drivers from becoming stranded in the winter. Checking you’re buying the right kind of battery is important when you compare car battery prices. Some high-quality batteries may well cost more, but these are generally worth the price you’ll pay if the one you choose is better suited to handling harsh weather conditions.

Of course, driving carefully is also crucial when the roads are covered in snow or ice. Drivers should pay close attention to road signs, travelling slowly and steadily in a low gear, for instance, when going up hills or slopes. This helps maintain control over the vehicle. If possible, avoid hilly areas altogether when driving in freezing conditions.

Parking cautiously is also something that motorists should consider. As far as possible, try to park up on flat areas so your vehicle won’t slide away.

Aside from taking driving and parking precautions, drivers are also encouraged to carry equipment to help during emergencies. A hi-vis jacket and a warning triangle, for example, can be used if the car breaks down and you need to leave your vehicle.

One small but essential piece of kit is an ice scraper. Driving with ice-covered windows is both dangerous and illegal, so you should always make sure you’ve cleaned ice and snow off the glass before travelling.

Finally, carrying other equipment like a torch, a phone charger, a pair of sturdy boots, and a blanket can all prove beneficial in case of emergencies. While you’re unlikely to use all these items on every trip, it’s well worth being prepared for any scenario that might crop up.

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Critically, check your car over and address even the most minor problems quickly, especially during the wintertime.

The weather at this time of year can be harsh and unpredictable. But with a little bit of preparation and by taking extra care on the road, you can greatly minimise your chances of being involved in an accident.

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Published at: 05-01-2021