Europe Set To Build New Toyota Aygo

what are the features of the toyota aygo

Car enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the release of the new-generation Toyota Aygo. One of the top production facilities in Europe is set to design, develop, and build the latest model of the five-door hatchback, from the striking exterior features down to its reliable engine and Toyota battery. One of the key features of the new model is its advanced electronics, so engineering a powerful Toyota Aygo car battery is a must for the vehicle to meet consumer expectations.

Firms are said to be having difficulties in developing compact cars at an affordable price nowadays, and the profitability is falling in the sector. However, despite the industry trend, Toyota has chosen to push on with production.

As many auto companies pull out of the city-car game and suspend their production, the new Toyota Aygo is a welcome addition to a market in need of fresh releases.

According to Toyota Motor Europe President Johan van Zyl, the Aygo will begin production in the Czech Republic, after being designed and engineered in Belgium.

Throughout the years, the Toyota Aygo has built a large following in its young audience. According to Toyota Motor Europe Executive Vice President Matt Harrison, the current Aygo is ideal for a young audience thanks to its unique charm, making it a key access point for the Toyota brand as a whole.

With sales reaching 100,000 yearly, the Agyo has proven to be a very profitable investment for Toyota - something which cannot be said for rival cars in the A-segment.

Toyota's designers and engineers are focused on building a vehicle that meets the expectations of Toyota's target audience. They have also been working around various development challenges, especially with incoming industry standardisation. There has been consistent market pressure for electrification alongside the expected fleet average CO2 regulations for 2021.

Given this, engineers have been tasked to develop the Aygo with these future goals in mind. The new generation will have to be built in a way that can easily adapt to an electrically dependent powertrain, should the market shift preferences more prevalently in the coming years.

For now, the new Aygo will still be released with a small, lightweight, and affordable combustion engine. According to Harrison, this is because affordability is still the top priority when making vehicles for the small car market segment, and a fully electric engine doesn't yet fit with affordability Taking the preferences of the young audience into account, Toyota are working on a striking body style and interior for the Aygo.

It is described as a "less-traditional" body and inspired by crossover and SUV exteriors. Consumer trends have shown that city and town cars are more desirable with a raised ride height and seating position.

To further modernise the vehicle, the new-generation Aygo will be fitted with smartphone integration technology. Drivers can stay connected safely and conveniently through the car's seven-inch touchscreen. Navigation, voice control, and music entertainment are expected to be seamless.

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Published at: 05-08-2020