Demand For New Car Batteries Surges Due To Lockdown Restrictions

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During the UK’s coronavirus lockdown period, many drivers were unwilling or unable to use their cars as often as they might usually have done. And when they did drive, it was more often than not only for short trips. Perhaps not surprisingly, this has led to widespread battery issues, and the demand for new car battery replacements has, as a result, increased drastically. If you’ve been searching “where to buy a new car battery”, you can find affordable, high-quality replacements here at Orius.

According to reports from local garage chains, they have been asked for nearly twice the number of battery fitting services between May to April 2020 compared to the same period last year.

Even pre-COVID-19, dead batteries have long since been one of the most common causes of car breakdowns. During the lockdown period, however, the UK saw a spike in these cases, and all simply because cars were not kept running long enough or frequently enough to sufficiently charge their batteries.

Local garages also added that the volume of new car batteries sold and fitted between April and May was roughly similar to that usually experienced during the winter, when even relatively new car batteries are liable to break down due to freezing temperatures.

Battery failures are traditionally mostly associated with the transition to the winter weather. Very often, sales of new car batteries are peaking by Christmas time. However, the lockdown period has caught many car owners unaware, causing widespread breakdowns when people least expected them.

Although dead battery issues are usually more of a problem for older cars, new cars have also been significantly affected this year. Local garages have noted that the number of more modern vehicles needing new car batteries — including company cars — had increased by 10% year on year.

Government data shows that traffic levels were reduced by up to 80% in the UK over the lockdown period, so it’s really no surprise that such a huge number of cars have experienced battery problems due to being left unused for long stretches of time. Drivers and car owners are being warned by motoring organisations that, if restrictions continue, they must take a bit of initiative to try and protect their car batteries from damage.

Checking Your Car Batteries During Lockdown

Looking after your car batteries during a lockdown period isn’t as hard as you think. In fact, plenty of people already maintain their car batteries routinely to make sure they stay charged.

If your car isn’t being used for long periods of time, experts recommend starting up your engine once or twice a week and allowing it to run for about 15 to 20 minutes. It’s worth noting that the best time to do this is during the warmest period of the day so that your battery isn’t overtaxed by cold temperatures. As well as this, you should also monitor your battery terminals for any signs of corrosion or chemical damage.

When buying new car batteries, experts also advise making sure that the batteries are a good fit, not just in terms of size but in terms of car’s specifications as well. After all, different vehicles have different needs – you need the right kit for the job if you want to get the best performance out of your car.

Fitting new car batteries is not as complicated as it seems, though inexperienced car owners may still prefer to opt for the services of a professional mechanic. However, there are plenty of internet guides for almost every make and model of car, so it is possible for car owners to do it themselves, provided they choose a reputable guide and follow that to the letter.

Where To Buy A New Car Battery Online?

Although lockdown restrictions have eased somewhat, many people are still inclined to restrict travel and aren’t leaving their homes as much as they might otherwise have done. There’s more shopping online going on too, and many car owners are even choosing to buy replacement vehicle parts online, including the all-important car battery.

When it comes to online car battery sellers, few offer the same value as Orius Batteries. No matter what make or model of your vehicle is, you can be sure we’ll have a choice of compatible batteries to choose from, all at the best prices on the market.

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Published at: 01-12-2020