Data Collaboration Proves To Be Helpful For Online Auto Industry Retailers

The pandemic has affected all aspects of life, and the automotive industry is no exception. With orders for people to stay at home and lockdowns preventing people from travelling at the usual rate for over a year, anyone looking to buy a car had many hurdles to go over, resulting in a large dip in sales. However, some parts of the industry have been thriving, with cheap car batteries online in particular seeing an increase in enquiries and sales. This is because many drivers had to get car battery online replacements after their existing units became faulty due to being in storage for long periods.

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As the lockdown eases, the UK is hopeful of turning things around. Evidence of this is the rebound in car sales in March this year, which is the first time that it has happened since the start of the pandemic.

To ride the momentum, car manufacturers are finding new ways to market their products, looking to capitalise on this opportunity and what lies ahead.

Digital marketing, however, poses a significantly unique issue. Unlike other industries that have daily activities and sales, car sales happen at least every other year on average. This is why car sales websites need to retain their audience and keep them interested during crucial times.

Websites like carwow are targeting existing customers through native digital marketing and advertising when the user is looking at a new vehicle or comparing different products across competitors. Predicting the exact point when a person is about to buy a car has been the Holy Grail for such companies. But it continues to be elusive, and the existing data used by individual companies is amiss and cannot seamlessly connect with their marketing strategies.

Manufacturers can tap into a more conclusive approach by strategically collecting data with the help of dealerships and platforms like carwow. This is because they hold a significant amount of data and insights that showcase buyer’s habits and cover a wide array of audiences.

Carwow has started this campaign by leveraging the LiveRamp Safe Haven platform. It is a data collaboration program that enables car manufacturers to gain plenty of insights that teach them how to deal with a wide market and learn more about customers’ behaviours. Using the real-time data collected by the program, these manufacturers can get a better idea of how to adapt their marketing strategies to make them more effective in reaching out to prospective audiences and even finalising sales.

One car manufacturer has already put this into practice. They looked at why they were mistiming their targeted advertising and surmised that they lacked signals from existing customers who wanted to buy new vehicles from them. When they connected their CRM data to the insights they got from carwow under the user engagement in a trusted environment, the car manufacturer discovered that they had an internal problem that only identified half of the number of the in-market customers. Additionally, it revealed that the prediction models they used were 60% late in the purchase cycle. This led to poor customer service, like an automated email after an actual purchase has been made from a competitor.

These insights were great findings for any car manufacturer who wanted to increase their engagement programs with their returning customer. Aside from this benefit, manufacturers can also increase their online advertising targeting, which helps with identifying relevant audiences that are beyond what their data gathering system can do and thus improve the recognition of their website with returning visitors.

When they connect the advertiser CRM data, the visitors are easily recognised by carwow’s system. Carwow could even recognise visitors who would be otherwise invisible through a secured environment that does not mandate the sharing or transfer of personal data.

In 2020, car manufacturers and dealers have been forced to digitalise their channels. This is why there has been a recent surge of click-and-connect programs. People were sceptical of it at first, but they have come to realise its potential. Buyers have also enjoyed the process, which is why even with the lifting of restrictions, there were still plenty of car buyers who opted to buy online rather than go to a dealership.

What is LiveRamp Safe Haven?

This program enables better omnichannel data and audience collaboration. The thing that separates this system from others is the privacy-first, permission-controlled environment in which it collects and distributes data. This way, the system ensures the full safety and security of data while delivering the best matches to partner companies who use the system.

According to Warren Jensen, president of LiveRamp, Safe Haven’s goal is to provide next-generation partnerships by creating neutral data-sharing relationships between brands. They are also producing some of the most advanced analytics tools that are geared towards helping businesses, media networks, and retailers.

In 2019, a survey from Digiday found that 90% of marketers use Amazon to advertise, and only a handful spend money on ads with big-box retailers. On the other hand, 87% of shoppers learn about the product they are interested in through digital channels, including Amazon and eBay. This is a great opportunity for brands and retailers to find and convert a growing market into new revenue streams.

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Published at: 24-06-2021