Classic Vauxhall Corsa Gets New Sporty Look And Upgrades

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The classic Vauxhall Corsa is equipped with a powerful Vauxhall battery as standard. It’s always been considered a reliable – if low key – vehicle that carried out its function just as it should. Recently, though, the car company has been celebrating, as its latest release in the form of a 5th generation Corsa is undeniably a success. Sportier inside and out, the upgraded model with a more powerful engine is set to make sure its Vauxhall Corsa car battery is earning its keep.

Commentators and car owners alike have always defined the Vauxhall Corsa as a relatively unflashy vehicle that simply blends into the scenery. Being fairly unremarkable has had its perks, though – It’s become a trusted standard for motorists who don’t care too much about turning heads since its introduction in 1993.

But the fifth generation is altogether something else. It’s almost like the car has grown up. Altogether sleeker, its lines are much sportier, and it’s far more eye-catching, especially when combined with an optional extra, the two-tone floating roof.

It is now exclusively released as a five-door hatchback, limiting space somewhat. But it gives all the feel of a mid-sized car with its impressive claims to be the best-driving and best equipped small car on the market. Each of the editions – the SRi, the SE, the Elite Nav, the Nav Premium, and the Corsa-e – is stunning in its own right.

There’s a choice of engine too: opt for a petrol 1.2-litre 75PS, a three-cylinder 1.2-litre 100PS, or a four-cylinder 1.5-litre 102PS diesel version.

On-Road Performance Of The Corsa SRi

The SRi has the three-cylinder 1.2-litre 100PS petrol engine, and according to road testers, the driving experience is superb. Off the bat, the steering provides ease and comfort; manoeuvring is a breeze cruising around town! Hit the Sport mode and you can make even further sharper movements.

On the finer details, it’s appreciably quiet inside the Corsa. The tyre and engine noise are negligible, and there are no other audible rumblings and rattlings, apart from minimal wind noise produced by the side-mirrors.

With a stiffer suspension, the new Corsa definitely outperforms its predecessors in driving dynamics. The advertised sportier driving is evident, and you can feel the power of the chassis and engine working together to make driving a flawless pleasure.

The Corsa Editions Special Features

Corsa SRi & SE

The SE is the most affordable option on the lot with a starting price of £15,925. This is a great package for that price, given that it’s equipped with 16-inch alloy wheels, cruise control, speed sign recognition, and lane-departure warning.

The SRi, by contrast, is priced to start at £18,875. Aside from featuring the previously mentioned SE technology, this flaunts a sportier exterior. It has the eye-catching floating roof, sports front seats, throttle switches, tinted rear windows, and parking sensors at the rear.

Corsa Elite Nav & Ultimate Nav

A step further towards a more luxurious driving experience, you can get either the Elite Nav from £19,165 or the Ultimate Nav from £26,205. Included here are LED Matrix headlights, a wider 10-inch touchscreen in the cabin, keyless entry, push-to-start tech, and adaptive cruise control. And as if that wasn’t enough, it also has a driver massage function within the seat.

Corsa-e SE Nav & Elite Nav

The Corsa-e has two categories: the SE Nav starting at £27,665 and the Elite Nav at £30,310. Both are installed with a top of the range spec, including heated front seats and steering wheel.

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Published at: 05-11-2020