Classic Car Owners Encouraged To Use Battery Conditioner

Car S.O.S. host Tim Shaw urged classic car owners to use a battery conditioner for their vehicles. This trickle-charging device will provide more life to car batteries even if they are used over a long time. Motorists should also be on the lookout for the best car batteries since these tend to store charge for a long time and are less likely to go flat. If you can find a dealer that offers these quality products at the best car battery prices, you won't have to spend too much on necessary components.

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Since the winter and lockdown restrictions affected the usage of cars, the host told car owners to use battery conditioners to keep their cars in good condition and ready to go anytime they need them.

Battery conditioners restore the power capacity of lead-acid batteries. These target lead-sulphur deposits, which are the main culprit behind the reduction in a battery's ability to hold a charge. Lead-sulphur builds up if cars are repeatedly driven over short distances or left unused for a long time.

The conditioners emit high-frequency pulses to bypass a battery’s low current flow. When a small charge occurs, a higher voltage is used to regenerate the power of the battery. Conditioners also trickle-charge batteries – a process that helps improve overall performance.

One thing to note about battery chargers is that they take quite a bit of time before fully charging your battery. It can take anywhere from three to four weeks to break down lead-sulphur deposits, depending on how low the voltage of your battery is and how long it has been left in that condition.

One thing that many people try doing is disconnecting the battery when the car is not in use. Shaw said that doing this will not prevent the battery from losing charge, which is why it's not the ideal solution.

A battery conditioner will cost an average of £60 and varies from shop to shop. The RAC has noted that these devices are particularly useful, especially if the car has been left since the lockdown measures started, or if it was in storage and has been unattended for a long time.

One thing car owners can do to maintain the power in their car batteries is to use the car even for the shortest of journeys. This can prevent the parts from premature rusting and potentially breaking down.

Some other things that the RAC recommends doing when storing a car for a long time include checking the tyres. Owners can do this by inflating the tyres to the maximum recommended pressure.

It is also a good idea to give the car a thorough clean and wax to prevent damage to the finish. Parking the car in a sheltered and safe place will also ensure better protection from the weather.

Finally, the RAC suggests arranging breakdown cover in case the car doesn't start when needed. Calling an expert to help get your car on the road again is a practical and proactive decision.

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Published at: 18-06-2021