Cazoo Launches An All-Inclusive Car Subscription Service For Drivers

Cazoo recently launched a new service that provides its consumers with a brand-new car that is all-inclusive of insurance, maintenance, servicing of parts such as its car battery, and one month of tax, all on a subscription basis. This type of service has become increasingly popular in recent years as drivers have greatly benefitted from the amount of flexibility and options that they have. In addition to getting car battery deals and other great discounts on vehicle parts that can be found online, drivers everywhere can have an easier time saving money and planning their budget.

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Subscription services have become a part of daily life, as it is offered in different industries like food, music, beauty, and entertainment. In research conducted by Cazoo, about 30% of UK consumers show interest in subscribing to a car over buying or financing a new one.

The biggest benefit Cazoo provides its subscribers is the ability to use a car between six and 24 months. At the end of the period they choose, they have the option to switch to another car or keep using it on a monthly contract.

Their program includes comprehensive insurance coverage, servicing, and maintenance, as well as road tax and 24/7 roadside assistance. There is also a 1,000-mile monthly allowance and a seven-day guarantee wherein the user could return the car and get their money back; all they would need to do is to top up the vehicle with fuel and charge the car battery.

This subscription program is the first of its kind in the automotive industry. Since its founding in 2018, Cazoo has been known for innovative strategies like this and has successfully sold more than 25,000 cars across the UK. Brits have found it very easy to accept Cazoo's programs because of the convenience and transparency of the buying process, as well as the quality of the new and used cars available.

According to the founder and chief executive of Cazoo, Alex Chesterman, their subscription services offer flexibility and convenience to their customers. They have found from research that basic and comprehensive care is a service that car buyers have wanted for a long time.

When they launched their service, they offered consumers the option to choose whether they wanted to buy, finance, or just subscribe to a car. All these services can be conducted fully online. He added that this was another step in fulfilling their mission to deliver a fully comprehensive buying experience to the UK.

How to Get a Car from Cazoo

Anyone who is deemed eligible for the subscription service will be able to choose a car that can be delivered to their doorstep in as little as 72 hours. If the consumer chooses to, they can also collect the car from one of 17 Cazoo hubs.

There is a wide range of options, starting from around £269 a month. The cost will vary depending on several factors, such as the model of the car and how long the contract would last. Then, the consumer will have to pay two months' deposit upfront. Keep in mind that the cost would go up if you choose a shorter minimum period to have the vehicle.

Those who wish to use Cazoo's service must be 25 years old or older. Cazoo will then do a background check on the applicant's driving history and assess their ability to pay.

Why Use a Car Subscription Service?

Many customers consider car subscription services a good way to get a car without the responsibilities or tie-ins that normally come with vehicle leasing or ownership. Moreover, as subscribers never actually own the car, they also won't have to deal with depreciation.

According to WhatCar? editorial director, Jim Holder, this type of service that bundles insurance, payments, and other responsibilities in one provides great convenience to subscribers, as well as a simple way to own a car. It removes the hassle of negotiation for vehicle prices and searching for the right type of insurance for the vehicle. It also helps in budgeting the finances of the subscriber because they already know how much the service will cost them every month.

The Cost of Subscription Services

While car subscription services are great for some consumers, it's not suitable for everyone. Those who are used to shopping around for the best deal may be on the fence about trying this service.

These services also do not cover every single aspect of owning a car. For instance, fuel costs are covered by the owner. Other things that aren't covered in the monthly subscription fee are toll and congestion charges.

Before subscribing to any form of service, one must check the potential costs and consider these against their ability to pay and sustain the service.

As for Cazoo, if the subscriber is likely to drive more than 1,000 miles in a month, they would have to pay extra. If they choose the package for 1,500 miles per month, for instance, they will need to pay another £100 per month. Meanwhile, getting 2,000 miles per month will cost an additional monthly payment of £200. It is a best practice to read all the details of the deal before signing anything since not all potential costs will apply to everyone.

Holder said that this is the potential downside of this type of service: drivers may end up paying more through this method than if they spent time haggling with dealers and comparing insurance that covers roadside maintenance. The monthly mileage limit is an additional restriction for drivers who wish to use this service.

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Published at: 09-07-2021