Car Sales See Increase After Lockdown

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Car companies in the United Kingdom have resumed operations after months of shelving operations due to the pandemic, resulting in a significant increase in car sales. With this surge in sales, we also expect many people to be on the lookout for the best car battery as it is one of the most crucial components in any vehicle. If you’re a car owner, now is a great time to look for the best car batteries in the UK.

The economic restart was a welcome step towards recovery for the industry, which has seen considerable declines in new car registration ever since the lockdown began. Compared to the same period last year, overall sales were cut almost in half, down to 653,502 units from 1.27 million units.

According to the data published by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), brand-new car registrations in the UK increased by about 11 per cent in July with an estimated 175,000 sales.

Despite this increase, many new registrations were likely for orders made prior to the start of lockdown. This suggests that the current demand for new cars might still be diminished.

"Many of June's registrations could be attributed to customers finally being able to collect their pre-pandemic orders, and appetite for significant spending remains questionable", SMMT Chief Executive Mike Hawes announced.

Though the data is a spark of hope for the automobile industry, Hawes stated that he would have to see a steady rise in sales over the next few weeks to say with utmost certainty that this surge in sales wasn’t a fluke.

"While it's welcome to see the demand rise above the rock-bottom levels we saw during (the) lockdown, this is not a recovery and barely a restart", Hawes added.

In an interview, Vauxhall UK Managing Director Stephen Norman said that the sales increase might also be attributable to other factors. As an example, he mentioned that customers are looking for small, affordable means of transportation to comply with government guidelines to avoid public transport during the pandemic.

Although the industry might have lost 90 per cent of its business in sales during the pandemic, online interest – including the number of clicks and lead generation – was only 50 per cent affected.

Volunteers were called on at the Ellesmere Port Vauxhall factory, which produces the Astra, to boost the number of workers after the demand for cars built up and a third shift had to be implemented in July.

"The industry has evolved," Norman added. "If I go back to my British Leyland days, we would say a factory was under capacity if all of the production lines weren't working 24 hours a day, seven days a week".

"Now, not all big plants have several production lines, and don't require three shifts to be profitable... the industry hasn't worked like that since the Eighties".

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Published at: 24-08-2020