BMW 3 Series Reclaims Top-Notch Executive Class Fame

Since the E21 was first unveiled over 40 years ago, more than 15 million units have been sold across the globe, spanning seven generations of models. It has become the benchmark of all its competitors and one of BMW’s top-selling units since its introduction. Each vehicle is equipped with a genuine BMW battery that powers its onboard features and keeps it performing well on the road. BMW battery replacements won’t be necessary for newly bought vehicles, although buyers may want to consider buying one for second-hand units.

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The BMW 3 Series has been redesigned to carry the same appeal as its predecessors. With the signature three-box profile, it is easily identifiable as something the German manufacturer has put out. The overall length from front to tail is 4.7 metres, which is 85mm longer than the previous model, and the wheelbase has been extended by 41mm. But even with these increases, they still managed to keep the total weight 55kg lighter.

Its chassis has been modified and upgraded to ensure that the new 3 Series will still perform well on different terrains and roads. The rear tracks have been widened, and BMW increased the negative camber angle on the front wheels to make it stiffer and more agile when turning. The lift-related dampers were also introduced in this new series, and they give this car better control and a more satisfying ride.

Looking inside this luxury car, the interior reflects the design principles shown on the exterior and is easily identifiable as a BMW. It has a central display housed between two air vents – a contemporary design of the company. The console has drive mode switches, a gearshifter, and a rotary dial for the infotainment system. The infotainment display is fairly fast and responsive, which makes it easy to see and read from different angles. To ensure the performance of the infotainment system and the safety facets of the car, it is recommended you use a genuine BMW battery.

One of the most attractive features of this car is its fuel economy. Activating the Eco Pro mode reduces fuel consumption by a significant amount. Cruising at 70mph, the average mileage you will get will be around 821 miles from the 59-litre fuel tank.

Riding comfort is also commendable, with the option for electronic adjustability and lumbar support. In addition to the sports seats that come as standard, it is easy to find the right setting to make driving a lot more comfortable. Passengers in the back will have the familiar typical space in these types of vehicles.

The steering on this car does not disappoint. Although there is some weight to it when turning into a corner, it allows you to develop an intuitive sense of control over the front of the car, which will eventually lead to more overall satisfaction and enjoyment when driving.

The BMW 3 Series is also very stable on the motorway. Handling is precise, and it provides an excellent lateral grip, even as the electronic stability control is turned off. The chassis gives a dynamic feeling to driving, making it very responsive in lower gears.

On an average motorway and A-road surfaces, the car is relatively quiet and relaxed. Road noise is dampened by the double-glazed glass with the addition of noise isolation. The lane-keeping assistant is also effective yet discreet.

The car has an additional active cruise control and speed limiting assist system. You can easily adjust the sensitivity of these driving assistance programs to suit your style. These come as extra options in BMW’s Driving Assistant Professional pack, and they are useful if you frequently go on long trips.

Using the car on a bumpier road, the vehicle remains level, and you will never have to worry about losing control. You can get an adaptive damper as an option; these will provide better absorption of any irregularities on the road. Since it has bigger wheels and wider tyres, it adds to the overall grip and responsiveness of the car.

The distance between the rear wheels gives drivers a sense of assurance and confidence when steering into a corner. Add the active dampening and suspension system, and it becomes quite enjoyable to use this on any type of road type or condition.

The BMW 3 Series has the xDrive four-wheel drive transmission options, which allow for better overall traction. The diesel engine, which is the entry-level engine for this car, has pretty good power output, going from 0 to 62mph in 6.8 seconds. The top speed is 149mph, which is fairly acceptable considering that it’s diesel-powered. Thanks to the twin turbochargers, it has plenty of power output even at maximum speed. One thing to consider is the increased engine noise at full throttle, but it is comparatively less noisy than its predecessor.

You will also get an eight-speed automatic gearbox that shifts smoothly. You can also take over the transmission using the paddles on the steering wheel, but that may seem unnecessary because of the precision of the automatic shifting.

This vehicle gained five stars in the Euro NCAP safety rating in 2019. Notably, it received a 97% safety score for the protection of adult occupants, which is one of the highest recorded ratings in recent years.

Overall, the BMW 3 series is a remarkable vehicle for its performance, economy, and safety and is an excellent choice for any aspiring car owners.

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Published at: 21-06-2021