2021 Ford Fiesta – A Refined Choice For Car Buyers

The Ford Fiesta is easy to recognise on UK roads because it has long been one of the top-selling cars in the country. With the release of the new version, it is practically gearing itself up to be back on top once again this year. This supermini comes with many new electric features, which are powered by a robust Ford Fiesta car battery. This good-looking, smart car and its brand-new infotainment system will fully utilise the power of the Ford battery.

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People have been keenly interested in the Fiesta since its initial launch eight years ago. That’s probably one reason why this latest design hasn’t been altered that much. Previous iterations have attracted great feedback for their looks, and so the manufacturer’s decided that the car was perfect the way it is. The only change seems to be that the wheelbase is 4mm longer, which is neither immediately noticeable nor seems to serve any particular purpose.

On the other hand, it’s fair to say that the interior did need a facelift, simply because it had become dated. The 2021 Ford Fiesta sports a smooth and responsive infotainment screen that varies in size according to the trim level chosen by the buyer. The new car also has a redesigned dashboard and instrument pack. Most of the trims are fitted with LED headlamps, all of course powered by the Ford Fiesta car battery.

The different trims for this car include the Zetec, the Titanium, the ST-Line, the Vignale, and the Active.

Engine choices include the familiar 1.0-litre three-cylinder which has a wide range of output up to 140bhp. There are petrol and diesel choices as well.

Among the things the designers have changed is the suspension, which has been altered to provide a wider track for the car. Even with this change, they have kept to the same principle seen in the older versions, with the strut in front and a torsion beam to support the back of the car. You can also choose the higher damper specifications to help control the car’s motions.

The Fiesta is also fitted with a driver assist which helps with auto-braking, in addition to lane-keeping assist, a lane-departure warning, speed-limit recognition, cruise control, and cross-traffic warning.

On the road, the Zetec, Titanium, and Vignale trims have been designed with comfortable driving in mind. There is also good resistance against understeering, thanks to the wider track and grippier tyres.

The ST-Line is the more impressive of the bunch when it comes to the ride. It has better and more precise handling because of the lower ride. The springs on it are also stiffer with firmer dampers; yet even with these tauter characteristics, there’s very little in the way of compromise when it comes to the comfort of the ride.

Drivers and passengers will enjoy the modifications and tweaks that have been made to the interior of the car. The quality of the materials the manufacturer has used is great overall, considering the Fiesta’s role as a mainstream car. The only complaint is when it comes to the Vignale. While you get leather stitched and quilted seats and a larger touchscreen with smooth graphics and a fast processor, some elements of the trim, like the door handle pulls, seem cheaper in quality and let the whole image down.

All that said, there seems no doubt that this latest version of the Ford Fiesta won’t harm the overall reputation of this small car. It’s still well-built, has a great engine and refined characteristics, and it’s just as dynamic as before. If you’re looking to buy one this year, you won’t have much to complain about.

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Published at: 13-05-2021