Motorcycle Battery

What Is The Best Type Of Motorcycle Battery?

A motorcycle battery powers your motorbike and its electronic equipment.


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Using a modern motorcycle will demand more energy from your battery, which is why it is suggested to buy high-quality batteries for smoother driving performance.
However, you might be confused about which battery to buy, as there are so many options to choose from. If you’re having a hard time shopping for a battery replacement, Orius Batteries can help!
Knowing how to choose motorcycle battery products is essential, as using the wrong one will result in subpar performance for your vehicle. We will explain the different kinds of batteries so you can decide which one is best for your motorbike: AGM Batteries

AGM stands for “Absorbent Glass Mat”. These batteries use fine fibres of glass mat to hold their electrolytes inside, unlike other batteries that contain electrolytes in liquid. AGM is the latest technology in the vehicle battery industry. It is reliable, long-lasting, and allows for excellent driving performance. It is also designed to withstand the extreme cold and resist strong vibrations from your vehicle. Not only that, but AGM batteries are maintenance-free. This battery is 100% sealed, making it leak-proof and spill-proof even if you store it sideways or upside down. If you have a motorcycle with a modern engine or a motorsports vehicle like a snowmobile or an all-terrain vehicle, then you should opt for AGM motorcycle batteries. These vehicles require a lot of energy, making heavy-duty batteries the only choice for optimum performance. You should also use this type of batteries if you are a person who doesn’t use their motorcycle regularly. This is because AGM batteries hold their charge much better than other types. Wet-Cell Batteries Also called “EFBs” or “Enhanced Flooded Batteries”, these batteries use liquid to hold their electrolytes, unlike an absorbent glass mat battery. They also have two levels of maintenance to choose from: low-maintenance and maintenance-free. Low-maintenance wet batteries allow you to add water to the cell to regulate its temperature in hot climates. You can also check the specific gravity of the electrolytes inside the motorcycle battery by using a hydrometer. On the other hand, maintenance-free batteries are completely sealed and do not have removable caps. Because of this, there is no way to pour water in them Although AGM batteries are made with the latest technology, this is not to say that EFBs are inferior. Wet-cell batteries can also offer excellent performance and longevity despite requiring regular servicing. Also, wet-cell batteries are sold at a much lower price compared to AGMs. If you enjoy working on your vehicle in your garage, you might enjoy owning a low-maintenance EFB. This is also the perfect battery for average motorcycles that are not used in extreme sports. If these situations apply to you, opting for a wet-cell battery will save you a lot of money. It all boils down to how well-versed you are in battery maintenance and the kind of lifestyle that you have.

What Else Should You Consider?

Aside from the different battery types, there are also other factors that you should be aware of when shopping for the best motorcycle battery UK-wide. These include the battery’s CCA rating and age.
CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) CCA is one of the most popular terms that you’ll hear in the industry. It is measured by how your fully charged battery can deliver current for 30 seconds and maintain 7.2 voltage at a low temperature of -18 degrees Celsius. In other words, it refers to how fast your battery can provide enough power for your motorbike to start in freezing temperatures. All vehicle owners know that a cold climate is bad news for their engine. Your motorcycle will need much more power to start and run when it’s freezing outside. So if you’re living in a colder climate, opt for a battery with a higher CCA for better vehicle performance. If you’re not sure how much CCA your vehicle needs, you can find a recommended rating in your motorcycle manual. You may also consult with us here at Orius for some professional advice. Battery Age When buying a motorcycle battery, you must look at its manufacture date. All vehicle batteries have a limited lifespan, and you don’t want to buy one that’s already nearing its expiry date. Most batteries have a four or five-digit code engraved on the top of its cover, which is usually a combination of a letter and a number. The letter stands for the month of the manufacture date, so A represents January, B represents February, etc. Meanwhile, the number indicates the year of the manufacture date. For instance, 4 stands for 2004, 5 stands for 2005, and so on. Keep in mind that the lifespan of a battery is around five years or so, which is why a battery older than six months is not considered “fresh” anymore.

Why Buy From Us

Orius has been providing vehicle owners with world-class batteries from trusted brands like Bosch, Varta, and Torq for many years. Whether you need a new battery for your motorcycle, car, or motorhome, you will find it here! All of our products can be delivered free of charge in the UK Mainland. The majority of our products can also be shipped for free to customers in the Scottish Highlands. We also provide next day delivery, given that it’s a working day and that you’ve placed your order before 3 PM. When buying batteries, chargers, and accessories from us, every product comes with a lifetime warranty. Receiving faulty items is rare, but our lifetime warranty gives you peace of mind knowing that you will get a replacement. You must find the perfect battery for your vehicle to avoid ending up with a product that isn’t ideal. To ensure your convenience and satisfaction, we will be ready to give expert advice on choosing the right batteries! If you are looking for fresh and long-lasting batteries, browse our wide selection of products now! For any concerns, call us on 01772 348317 or send an email to


How long do motorcycle batteries last for?

A sealed motorcycle battery may last up to five years, especially a sealed AGM battery. However, if you’re taking good care of your battery, it can last up to eight years. On the other hand, a non-sealed lead-acid battery generally lasts for three years and can reach five years with proper maintenance.

Are all motorcycle batteries the same?

Batteries for scooters and motorcycles come in different sizes to match various engine types. Typically, manufacturers will put the recommended battery size in the motorcycle’s manual.

Why do motorcycle batteries die so fast?

There are a lot of reasons why your motorbike battery deteriorates faster than usual. The most common causes are neglect, dehydration, improper charging, and lack of use. To prevent such things from happening, always make sure that the battery is well-taken care off.

Can a completely dead motorcycle battery be recharged?

Dead batteries can be recharged with a reliable battery charger; this is the safest and best way to revive your battery. However, you can also jump-start it by connecting it to a car or another bike. If you do succeed in reviving your dead battery, make sure that you use it regularly so it can regain enough charge, which will prolong its lifespan.

Will a motorcycle run with a dead battery?

Your battery for motorbikes is a metering device for electricity in your vehicle. You will need a sufficient amount of electricity to power your vehicle’s parts and accessories like sensors, computers, fuel pump, and engine. Without a healthy battery, your motorcycle will fail to even start. We are one of the best motorbike battery sellers on the Internet. If you need a new and cheap replacement for your dead battery, browse our selection now!

Does a motorcycle battery charge while idling?

When your motorcycle is idle, its battery still charges but not as much as when you’re driving it. During a typical ride, your motorcycle provides about 13 to 15 amps, while idling only allows it to supply less than 1 amp.

How often should you replace motorcycle battery?

Since the typical lifespan of conventional batteries is around three to five years, we suggest that you have it replaced when it’s nearing its expiry date – even if the battery still works perfectly. Regularly maintaining your battery’s condition can also affect its longevity, so always make sure that you’re taking good care of it. If you need some tips on how to care for your battery correctly, don’t hesitate to ask us!

Is a motorcycle battery 12v?

A lot of motorcycles that use an 11 v electrical system will require 12v lead-acid batteries. Since they have a smaller engine, they also use a smaller group size than your typical car battery. Moreover, they have a lower electrical capacity. However, if you have an older motorcycle, such as a dirt bike, it may require a 6v battery. Our batteries come in different sizes, so get in touch if you’re not sure where to purchase scooter batteries for a particular battery group size!

Motorcycle Battery Tips: Prolonging Its Lifespan

Batteries deteriorate fast when you don’t take good care of them, and you will have to buy motorcycle battery replacements more frequently. Here are some maintenance tips to prolong the life of your motorcycle battery: Start your vehicle when it’s warm.When the temperature is too cold, your engine demands more power from your battery, which wears it out fast. You should start your motorcycle during the warmer part of the day instead of doing it in the cold morning.
Use your motorcycle regularly.It is vital that you start the bike once or twice a week, and let it run for more than 15 minutes or so. When you’re riding your bike, it charges more than when it’s idle, and this prolongs its lifespan.
Take note of your battery’s age.Just like any other battery, yours will reach its end at some point. Look for a manufacture date on the cover of your battery; if it has reached its expiry date, then you should start looking for cheap motorcycle batteries online.
Step-By-Step Guide For Changing Your Motorcycle Battery
After buying motorcycle batteries online, it’s time to learn how to replace your old battery. Making a mistake in the procedure may cause electric shocks and other accidents, so be sure to prioritise safety at all times. When disconnecting your battery, always start with the negative cable – the black one that is connected to the negative ( - ) terminal. This breaks the circuit right away to prevent any electric shocks. Afterwards, disconnect the cable connected to the positive ( + ) terminal. After all of the cables have been disconnected, pull out the latches on your small motorcycle battery and lift it. Some motorbikes may require you to remove nuts and bolts that keep the battery in place. Afterwards, you can put the fresh motorbike battery into your vehicle’s engine. If you researched the right battery group size to buy, then it should fit the engine correctly. Now reconnect the cables, but this time, start with the positive terminal followed by the negative one. Test it by turning the key in the ignition, and if the lights come on, you will know that there are no issues with your new motorcycle battery.
How To Know When a Motorcycle Battery Is Going Dead

All motorcycle batteries UK will deteriorate over time. Their lifespan is limited, and your driving habits contribute to its deterioration as time goes by. When it has already reached its end, you should know when to replace it if you want to avoid getting stranded on the road. Here are two significant signs that your motorcycle battery is dying: Low voltage Test the charge of your battery. You will need to attach a voltmeter to the battery to test its charge. If it gives you a low reading, give it an overnight charge. However, if the reading doesn’t improve even after the battery is charged, then it’s a sign that you need to get a new replacement. Slow-starting engineObserve how quickly the motorcycle’s engine starts. Is it slow? Sometimes, your vehicle may even click before the engine comes to life. This poor performance could be a sign of an old battery that needs a long-overdue replacement. If you’ve experienced any of the things stated above, then you should get a replacement. We are one of the best motorcycle battery sellers online. Browse our wide range of products now for high-end batteries and chargers.