Motorbike Battery

What Kind Of Motorbike Battery Should You Buy?

A motorcycle can only go as far as the motorbike battery that powers it.


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If you want to get the best performance out of your vehicle, only a heavy-duty battery will suffice!
Riding a motorcycle is one of the most unforgettable and thrilling activities in the world. There's nothing quite like the gush of wind on your face and the rush of scenery that keeps you company as you speed through the roads.
We also understand that it's the motorcycle batteries that provide energy to your engine for it to start and run. We at Orius Batteries offer only the best batteries for our customers, ensuring that they can go on exhilarating rides without any problems! Like their larger car battery counterparts, motorcycle batteries need to be of high quality to perform well. This way, you get to enjoy your time on the road without worrying that the battery will die on you anytime.

The kind of battery motorbike enthusiasts like you should get are those using the latest technology, yet are affordable enough that they won’t break the bank.

Top-Of-The-Line Motorcycle Batteries

Here at Orius, our premium motorcycle batteries hail from the Varta brand. This renowned vehicle battery provider is sure to give your trusty motorbike that extra kick and lasting power to match your energy and passion for riding.

Varta batteries are very impressive and work well even under the harshest conditions. Whether it's for your motorcycle, motor scooter, or quad bike, you can't go wrong with this bundle of power. As one of the most trusted battery providers online for many years, we always make a point to stock up on the best products at our online store. Here are some great options for you to choose from:

● Varta Silver Dynamic AGM Battery 12V 60Ah 680CCA D52 Type 027

Varta Silver Dynamic AGM is the battery of choice for top-level performance. Equipped with the latest in battery technology, it can provide enough power to get your motorbike through the most demanding situations. Not only that, but this superb product is a cut above the rest, and offers up to three times more endurance than conventional batteries. You’ll definitely get a lot more mileage out of this battery than other options! One of the top features of the Varta Silver Dynamic is its patented PowerFrame® grid, which offers a wide range of benefits for your vehicle. It provides reliable starting power, making it easy to start your motorbike even in freezing temperatures. Finally, the PowerFrame® grid makes the Varta Silver Dynamic highly resistant to corrosion, making it easy to keep it in good condition, even with very little maintenance. Priced at £162.95, you will get great value for money when you purchase this motorbike battery. ● Varta Silver Dynamic Battery 12V 85Ah 800CCA F19 Type 115

Despite being a cheaper option compared to its AGM counterpart at £125.95, this version of the Varta Silver Dynamic battery is by no means a pushover. It comes with nearly all of the benefits of the AGM version! If you are on a budget or don’t mind losing out on the benefits of AGM technology, then this product is a solid purchase. This battery can supply your motorbike with high levels of energy without breaking the bank!

How To Choose the Right Battery?

Even when you already know what type of battery to get based on your motorcycle, there are many different choices available for you here at Orius. Here are a few factors to take into consideration when buying a battery for your motorcycle: ● Look for a maintenance-free battery to help reduce water loss. This type of battery seals shut once filled with acid, eliminating the need to check on its fluid levels or refill it. ● Opt for an AGM battery if you do not wish to charge it often. This specific type of bike battery can hold charge much longer than other conventional battery models, meaning you don’t have to charge it as often. ● Lastly, get a conventional battery if you prefer something rugged yet reliable. These batteries are some of the most dependable ones out there, and meet all industry standards. They also work well in any weather and can withstand vibrating surfaces and harsh environments. Not only do you get to take advantage of a cheap motorbike battery from our stock, but you will also save yourself from a world of trouble and hassle.

Special Offers

As a way to give back to our most loyal clients, we are always looking for ways to reward you for your continued patronage. We run promotions and special offers on our website regularly to help you save while still enjoying the top-quality items and services we are known for.
From time-limited deals to huge discounts on your small motorbike battery, among many other items, these special offers are meant to provide you with great value and satisfaction.

Lifetime Warranty

As a trustworthy source for all of your vehicle battery needs, we do everything we can to make our customers happy. This is why if you experience any battery problems in the future, our lifetime warranty will have you covered! We offer an unlimited warranty for all motorbike batteries with no mileage threshold or expiration! So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today to benefit from our high-quality products at the most incredible rates! If you’re not sure how much CCA your vehicle needs, you can find a recommended rating in your motorcycle manual. You may also consult with us here at Orius for some professional advice.

Contact Us Now

Since we aim to provide you with the best solution for all your battery needs, we welcome and highly encourage feedback and suggestions on how we can serve you better. Also, if you want to get more information about our motorcycle batteries or the services we offer, please don't hesitate to contact us today! To get in touch, fill in our contact form at or call us at 01772 348317. Our team of friendly and reliable experts is looking forward to hearing from you!


What is a motorcycle battery?

A motorcycle battery is a device that stores electrical energy via a reversible chemical reaction between the lead and acid contained in the battery.

What does BS mean on a motorcycle battery?

Short for battery sealed (YTX12-BS, for example), it signifies whether the battery is sealed or conventional. The former is filled with acid and sealed right after. They can be used in any orientation and are often easier to maintain.

What does BS mean on a motorcycle battery?

There are a lot of reasons why your motorbike battery deteriorates faster than usual. The most common causes are neglect, dehydration, improper charging, and lack of use. To prevent such things from happening, always make sure that the battery is well-taken care off.

Why do motorcycle batteries die so fast?

Motorbike batteries often do not live up to their expected lifespan due to several factors. Neglect on the part of the owner, improper charging, dehydration, and a slow discharge during storage are just some of the factors that cause the service life of batteries to shorten dramatically.

How much does a battery cost for a motorcycle?

If you’ve been searching “how much for a motorcycle battery,” you can expect to pay between £80 and £240. At the time of purchase, it's recommended that you choose one with a high power-rating and CCA. Investing in a trickle charger helps extend your battery's service life for an extra £40. At Orius, we offer a highly reasonable motorbike battery price. Browse our selection now!

Does a motorcycle battery charge while idling?

While idle, your motorcycle doesn't produce enough voltage to recharge a battery. Running your bike for a long time won't charge its battery reliably either.

How often should you replace a motorcycle battery?

Under ideal circumstances, the battery of your motorcycle should last between three and five years before needing a replacement. However, once you start to struggle with jump-starting your bike or notice that its engine won't crank at all, you need to look for motorbike batteries for sale for the sake of your safety.

What is the longest lasting motorcycle battery?

Many motorcycle battery sellers on the Internet provide lithium batteries, which last longer than lead-acid batteries in terms of sheer performance. Batteries made up of lithium are 80% lighter than their OEM counterparts. They also hold more power and can be stored long-term without the need for any form of maintenance.

Are all motorcycle batteries the same size?

Motorcycle batteries are not uniform in size. There is no main size, as every motorcycle manufacturer builds a specific space for its battery, and the size of this depends on the size of the engine. This is why you need to find the right scooter battery providers so you can be sure of a product that fits in your bike perfectly!

Can a completely dead motorcycle battery be recharged?

The preferred way to recharge a completely dead scooter battery is using a designated battery charger. As an alternative, you may use a car or another bike to jump-start the battery that's gone dead. Keep in mind to ride the bike for a good while once you get the battery fully charged again.

Will motorcycles run with a dead battery?

Most modern bikes won't run nor even start without a battery since they need one to serve as a conduit for electricity. Bikes need to have enough electric power for their fuel pump, its sensors and computers, as well as the starter itself, to get the engine running.
How To Change A Motorcycle Battery
Step 1 - Locate the battery Once your new battery is charged and ready for use, the next thing you need to do is fit it. Use the owner's manual to locate it or perform an internet search to reveal the likely answer. From there, you should have an idea which tools are needed to access the battery. Step 2 - Remove the used battery Now that you've located the battery, the next thing you need to do is disconnect and remove it. Remove the cables, starting with the negative one. Step 3 - Installing your new battery Put the nuts for the new battery into place on the terminals. You may recycle the ones you took out or use the new ones that came with your fresh battery. Slot the newly charged battery into your bike, which should fit right in if you chose the right battery for your motorcycle. Reconnect the cables, this time in reverse order. Connect the red cable first, and then the black one.

Once you're sure that the new battery fits, turn the key in the ignition to make sure the lights come on, and there are no other issues that you need to resolve. If there are none, replace the panels in the same manner that you took them off. Now, you’re all set and good to go!

If you’ve been searching “where to buy motorbike battery”online, look no further! Orius is the best place to buy vehicle batteries, parts, chargers, and accessories!

Motorcycle Winter Storage
Consider these things when storing your motorcycle for the winter: 1. Fuel First, fill up your tank with fuel, then add the recommended amount of fuel stabiliser. This keeps the petrol from depreciating. Turn on your motorbike and let it run for a few minutes to treat the fuel. 2. Fluids Use the recommended fluids for your brakes, clutch, and coolants. You can also drain all of the fluids and refill them once it’s time to ride again. Remember to use anti-freeze on the engine, and lubricate the clutch cables, shifter, throttle, and kickstand.

3. Tyres Try storing your bike off the ground to reduce chances of uneven wear. If you can’t raise your bike off the ground, you can instead fill the tyres up to the maximum recommended volume and rotate them every week.
Motorbike Maintenance: Tips You Should Know
Becoming the proud owner of a motorcycle is a thrilling experience for many people. You have to note, though, that it's a major investment, so you need to take good care of your prized possession.
Battery maintenance
Motorcycles often fail to run because their motorbike batteries UK are not adequately maintained. Ideally, they need to be checked once a month to ensure the battery is still in tip-top condition. You need to: ● Clean the battery’s exhaust pipes ● Maintain the battery's electrolyte levels ● Clean any dirt or grime that may have settled on it ● Regularly charge your battery, even if you use your motorcycle only once in a while
Stopping while riding
Be careful of how you use your brakes while on the road. Some riders make the mistake of suddenly stopping and putting a lot of pressure on the brakes. This is harmful to your bike, and should be avoided. If you have any more questions regarding motorcycle maintenance or which batteries to buy, contact us now! We have many quality motorbike batteries online!