Leisure Batteries

What Is The Best Leisure Battery?

Have you ever tried looking for the perfect leisure battery but ended up getting confused by all of the options available? We can’t blame you.


. Trying to find the best one from all the choices requires enormous patience and sometimes leave us exhausted rather than excited.

Whether you’re searching for a replacement or simply looking to purchase a new battery, finding the best battery needs careful consideration.

Batteries possess different features and levels of performance. If you want to buy the right one to fit your needs perfectly, you need to know what sets individual products apart.

Because of this, the process of researching the best battery for your vehicle is a daunting task. Orius Batteries understands this, so we do our best to help by being the best source of battery products in the market.

No matter what type of camping vehicle you have, be it a caravan or a motorhome, our shop can offer you the best leisure battery at the most affordable price! The brands we sell assures you of the highest quality products while giving you the best value for your money.

What’s even better is that you can browse through our online shop from your home's convenience, make your selection, and have your battery delivered right to your doorstep!

A Wide Range Of Batteries

Our mission is to provide the best products for our customers. We work with the top brands and stock batteries that suit a wide range of requirements.

We know how the web can be a big and confusing place for beginners, so we give you the convenience of being a one-stop shop for your battery needs. Whether you need a large leisure battery or a small one, we make sure to provide you with a wide range of options.

Furthermore, as we keep up with the latest trends on the market, our experts carefully curate our product selection so that each one provides something valuable to our customers.

Apart from giving you a broad range of the finest products to choose from, we also make it quick and convenient for you to find what you need. This is why our products are meticulously sorted into different categories, helping you pinpoint the battery that best suits your needs and budget.

High-Quality Batteries

When it comes to car battery products, getting excellent quality is of utmost importance. To give you an idea of what can happen if you purchase a faulty product, imagine this scenario:

You’re in the middle of nowhere, enjoying the ride and singing to your favourite song and then, suddenly, you’re having troubles with your vehicle. You lose power, and you realise that your battery failed.

If you are on a safe route where you can ask for help, you may suffer a minor inconvenience. But imagine the horror if this scenario happens in a remote location, far from any human contact! Because of this, it is crucial to use high-quality leisure batteries that have the right specifications and will not damage easily.

Using the best leisure battery ensures that your journey will remain as smooth as possible by providing constant and reliable power. Not only that, but a great battery can smooth out any irregularities in your vehicle as well.

Now that you understand the importance of high-quality leisure batteries, the only thing you need is to find the best one.

Our team recognises that this can be difficult for most vehicle owners. With all of the jargon, it’s easy to get lost in the terms, explanations, and descriptions.  Luckily for you, you have visited the right place! We are the best leisure battery shop in the industry, and we make it easier than ever to find and purchase the ideal product.

When you browse our online shop at Orius Batteries, you can rest assured that everything listed is a high-quality product. This is because we only stock the finest car battery products out there, which are guaranteed to deliver optimal performance and efficiency.

If you use one of our batteries, you can be sure that it will not fail during a crucial moment. Because of this, your excursions can now be a hassle-free journey where you enjoy yourself to the fullest without any worries!

Effective Products At Affordable Prices

High-quality doesn’t always mean expensive. We at Orius work to provide the best batteries at an affordable price. Our team strives to give you the best value for your money.

As we have mentioned, different batteries are designed for specific needs. This means the value of your battery depends on how well it can function as needed.

Would you buy a large and expensive battery to use for a task so minimal that a small and affordable battery can do the job for you? Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should always go for small batteries to save money. The battery’s efficiency in carrying out the task should remain the main priority.

The most efficient batteries out there, thankfully, are not just the expensive ones. It does require some technical knowledge to know which of those products provide the best value for your money, though, so our team took it upon themselves to pick out the best ones for you!

Our wide selection of items is filled with leisure batteries that are not only affordable but are designed for specific vehicles and requirements. You can be sure that you pay for real value whenever you purchase from us.

Are you ready to find the best leisure batteries at our shop? Check out our Leisure Battery section find the perfect one for you!

If you need any advice or have questions regarding our products and services, call 01772395588 now! Our staff will be glad to accommodate you.



How long will a leisure battery last?

A leisure battery lives up to five years when properly taken care of. This means using the proper equipment, such as a leisure charger instead of a standard vehicle unit. Doing so will lengthen the lifespan significantly.

You can also buy leisure battery of high quality if you want to make sure it lives longer and survives the winter.

How does a leisure battery work?         

Car batteries are designed to produce larger bursts of energy to start your engine in a shorter amount of time. They can also be recharged through the vehicle’s alternator.

On the other hand, caravan and motorhome batteries work by using smaller amounts of energy for an extended period. Unlike car batteries, they do not damage when their power runs low, as they can be recharged multiple times.

How long will a 12v TV last on a leisure battery?

Although they have different amp hours, caravan and motorhome batteries all generate 12v. Considering this information, take note of this equation: wattage/voltage = amps.

Using the figures above, 120 watts (your battery) divided by 12v (your TV) gives you 10 amps.

Now, your amp-hours divided by your amps give you the total hours.

If, for example, your battery has 110 amp hours, divide that by 10 amps. Your TV would last 11 hours if it’s the only appliance you use, and if it is used continually.

If you have more appliances on board, try to look for a bigger battery for motorhome or caravan that can sustain your appliances better.

What should I look for when buying a leisure battery?

Always check the voltage first. Voltage is the most important part of a battery, as it is what moves the current around. Other things to consider are amp-hours, capacity, special technologies, and more.

If this sounds confusing, you can always check out our leisure batteries for sale and ask one of our staff what would work well for your vehicle.

How do I know what size of leisure battery I need?

Buy a battery for caravans by calculating the ampere-hours you need. You can get this by calculating the wattage of your devices in your caravan. Divide this by the voltage.

If you’re looking for campervan batteries, though, make sure to see which type you need, as you may require a more powerful one.

 Why does my leisure battery keep going flat?

If you don’t choose the best leisure battery brand, it can lead to a faulty battery that drains out fast. A flat battery may mean it’s old or cold, but sometimes it needs to be replaced.

Making sure the equipment you connect to the battery is in good condition can also prevent this from happening.

How often should you charge a leisure battery?

Make it a habit to check your battery’s power level every month. Recharge every six months and after every use, and see to it that you remove the battery when recharging. You can check with a caravan battery store if you’re using the right equipment.

 Can you overcharge a leisure battery?

Charging a battery hastily, or exceeding the float voltage of 13.8 volts for a long time after the charge, can overcharge your battery.

This can result in the lead paste of the battery falling off and diminishing your battery’s efficiency over time. If this happens, you can look for a replacement by checking out our selection of the best leisure batteries UK.


 Type of Leisure Batteries

While most types of caravan and motorhome batteries are lead-acid, there are also alternatives. Let’s discuss lead-acid first.

Lead-acid batteries are usually the cheapest and have different types: standard starter batteries, standard leisure batteries, and semi-traction and traction batteries.

Each type of lead-acid battery performs a different task. Some provide more power than others, and choosing between them depends on the equipment you have to power.

Other alternatives are as follows:

Gel batteries are used to replace lead-acid to prevent a leak from your battery. They are mostly used for vehicles that might tip your battery over or pose a danger due to corrosive acid. If you’re worried about these issues, use gels instead of lead-acid to prevent them from happening.

AGM Batteries or Absorbent Glass Mat batteries are usually capable of a longer life cycle than a lead-acid battery, although they are typically priced higher. AGM batteries are held in high regard, as they can be used for starter and leisure functions and can live through more charging cycles than the lead-acid type.

Maintenance-free batteries are unlike the standard batteries that need to be checked and topped up. These batteries do not come with removable caps and, as the name suggests, are maintenance-free due to their sealed feature.

The Difference Between A Leisure Battery and Car Battery

Much like buying a small leisure battery instead of a large one for the sole purpose of saving money, it is never advisable to make do with car batteries for caravans.

Car batteries provide a different purpose, which is to produce large quantities of current to help your engine start in a shorter time. Meanwhile, a caravan battery provides constant and reliable power to your caravan for a longer time.

When choosing your battery, it is crucial to know its Ah or ampere-hours to measure its power. The more power it has, the bigger its physical size and weight.

The more power also means the battery will last longer and require less time to recharge. They can also provide your vehicle with more power, especially if you have various appliances.

If space and weight-load is a problem for you, though, you might want to consider choosing a small but cheap leisure battery. While this would work for shorter and less frequent journeys, you might have to look for a better alternative for a longer and heavier trip.

Adding A Second Leisure Battery

If you’re considering adding another battery, ensure that you have enough space to fit the additional battery.

You also have to make sure that it is secured, ventilated, and sealed from your accommodation area. Choosing a more affordable motorhome battery lets you save money to spend on other areas of your caravan.

Your new battery reserve could retain its charge for several weeks if it was charged before your trip. You can also leave it disconnected until you need to exchange it with the main battery.

If you’re looking to add a second leisure battery to your vehicle, our online store offers the best selection of products for you. Browse our offers now!