Ford Battery

How To Ensure You Are Buying From A Reliable Ford Battery Provider?

Any time that your Ford battery goes dead on you is inconvenient at best and downright dangerous at worst.

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A Reputable Car Battery Provider

No matter how expensive your battery is and no matter how well you maintain it, they are simply not designed to last forever.
The time will come when you will have to purchase a replacement for your car battery. When the time comes, our team of experts at Orius Batteries will be more than happy to help you find a suitable replacement!
It is always best to avoid buying used or second-hand batteries, or batteries from questionable sources that you may find online. Buying from a trusted source is essential to guarantee that you will not receive an unreliable product.If you’re looking for a reputable and reliable car battery seller, look no further. For years, Orius has provided countless satisfied customers with plenty of excellent products!We regularly stock up on car batteries for every make and model, including Ford batteries of all kinds. The batteries we have for sale are from reputable manufacturers and made from the highest-quality materials. When you buy from our online store, you can be sure that you are getting a genuine product.Orius Batteries shares important information about what to expect from your chosen car battery too. This includes its performance, age, specifications, and what the warranty that comes with it includes. Also, when you buy from us, you will be provided with fast and reliable service at every step of the process. From answering your enquiries to settling your orders, our staff will not disappoint.

Special Offers

Our team is always looking for ways to reward our loyal and valued customers for their continued patronage. We often run promotions and special offers on our website to help our customers to save money on the top-quality items and services that we are known for.From time-limited deals to huge discounts on items like Ford Focus car batteries, Orius tries hard to find the best deals for you. When buying a car battery, here are nine major things to consider.

1. Battery Size

Car batteries are grouped according to their length, width, and height. We recommend that you refer to your owner's manual, consult a mechanic, or reach out to our helpful staff to ensure you are getting the correct battery size for your vehicle. You will know that you’ve got the right size if the battery perfectly fits in the tray, tight enough to prevent vibration damage.

2. Battery Freshness

To determine this, you should refer to the code on the battery, which consists of a letter and number. The letter indicates the month, while the number signifies the manufacturing year of the battery.For example, A/9 stands for January 2019. It is generally advised not to purchase a battery that is older than six months from the manufacturer's date.

3. Reserve Capacity

This refers to the amount of time that your car's battery can run on its own without the engine. Having a high reserve capacity means your vehicle can better withstand alternator failure or a non-compliant engine.

4. Power Requirement

This refers to Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) and Cranking Amps (CA). CA is the energy required to start a vehicle at a temperature of 0 degrees Celsius, while CCA indicates the battery's ability to start your car at -17.8 degrees Celsius. A high CCA rating is well-suited for places where the climate is colder.

5. Maintenance

You can broadly classify batteries into two maintenance types: low-maintenance and maintenance-free. The latter is sealed, and its liquid electrolyte runs throughout the battery's entire lifespan without the need for replacement. In contrast, low-maintenance batteries can be unsealed with caps that allow you to add distilled water occasionally.

6. Battery Life

We can help you to check the lifespan of your current battery. Knowing your battery's lifespan will help you to determine if you already need to purchase a new one, or just perform a maintenance procedure.

7. Ampere Hour (AH)

This metric refers to the amount of electricity that your battery is capable of storing. A higher AH rating means that your battery can maintain a certain amount of load for a longer time, minimising the chance of your battery running out on you.

8. Position Of The Terminals

The position of the positive terminal affects the polarity of your car. If the positive terminal gets into contact with the metal shell of the vehicle, you run the risk of driving a short-circuited car. Hence, it is crucial to check where the positive terminal is located.

9. Previous Experience

Last but not least, you should also consider your previous experiences with buying car batteries. It is wise to choose the same battery models which have served you for a long time without issues. Comparing your experiences with that of your friends is also a great idea, and you can gain some valuable insights as to which batteries work well in certain situations. Of course, if you’re thinking of trying out new products, our team can advise you on which batteries best suit your needs!

Lifetime Warranty

Buying your Ford KA car battery from us ensures that, in the rare eventuality that the battery you receive is faulty, our lifetime product warranty will have you covered.Orius offers an unlimited warranty on all our car batteries and chargers with no mileage threshold or expiry date. Thanks to this, you can rest assured that you will end up with a fantastic product no matter what.Get in touch with us today and buy our fantastic batteries, chargers, parts, and accessories at the most affordable rates on the market!If you want to know more about your options for a Ford Fiesta car battery or the services that we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us today! You can reach us by going to and filling out our contact form. Our team of friendly and reliable experts are looking forward to hearing from you!


How long does a Ford battery last?

A Ford car battery can last from four to seven years under the right conditions. The life span of your battery is increased even more if you keep it fully charged and well maintained. However, should you notice any signs that the battery is reaching the end of its usable life, we recommend a prompt visit to our auto battery store to find yourself a replacement. We also recommend having it replaced by the five-year mark.

How much does a Ford Focus battery cost?

On average, a Ford Focus car battery replacement costs between £140 and £150. The cost of labour is anywhere between £25 and £35, while the Ford battery price is estimated to be £120 before taxes and fees.

Can I drive with a bad battery?

No, your car alternator won't be working correctly if you drive with a bad battery. Once this happens, you will be unable to keep your car engine running for long.

Can car batteries just die?

Yes, and once the battery goes "dead", your car will no longer function. Even though it recharges itself as you drive, a working battery is unable to hold a charge once it becomes faulty and will just "die" on you again. In this case, it’s better to start looking where to buy a new battery for your vehicle.

How do I know if my car battery is dying?

There are five sure-fire signs to help you determine if your car battery is dying. They are as follows: ● Dim headlights. ● Clicking sounds when you turn the key in the ignition. ● The vehicle engine cranks slowly and doesn’t start. ● Your car doesn’t start right away after sitting overnight.

What happens if you put the wrong-sized battery in your car?

Using the wrong sized battery is likely to damage your car's fuse panel if you install a larger-capacity battery. The wrong-sized battery alters the currents, leading to spikes and surges that harm your car's on-board computer and cause the alternator to fail.

Is a battery under warranty?

Car batteries are consumables, which means they are typically covered by a full warranty for up to two years or 24,000 miles.Our Ford Fiesta car batteries and other products at Orius differ from others in this regard, as our offers all come with a full lifetime warranty.

Can a battery be too dead to jump?

Yes, your Ford car batteries can get so dead that they won't receive a jump-start anymore.

What causes a car not to start if the battery is good?

If your car doesn’t turn over on the first few attempts, even though your battery is working correctly, there are two common causes. It could either be a bad ignition switch or a broken starter.

Can a completely flat car battery be recharged?

Your car's alternator can keep a healthy battery fully charged. However, it isn't designed to recharge a battery that has gone completely flat. Once your car battery is fully discharged, there are many devices out there that are designed to safely charge it back to full.
How To Check A Battery For Vehicles
The only thing that you'll be able to check if you don't have any equipment at hand is if your battery is properly connected. The owner's manual of your vehicle should come in handy for this. First, pinpoint the location of the battery charging terminals in your car. The negative will be marked with a ‘-‘, while the positive one has a ‘+’ symbol.For some cars, the auto batteries will be in an obscure area, and the only way to know is by referring to your car manual. It may refer to it as the “starter battery” or the “main battery”.
Charging Car Batteries While Driving
The time it takes to charge your Ford Focus car battery while driving depends on some key factors:
● The amount of charge your battery has before you started driving.
● Your driving style. ● Your alternator's performance. The alternator is responsible for charging your car’s battery, and if you keep your engine RPM up, it will charge your battery faster. Under normal circumstances, it takes around 30 minutes to charge your car battery while driving on a motorway and up to an hour when driving in the city.
Starting A Car With A Flat Battery
You will need a pair of functioning jump leads and another car with a powerful, working battery. 1. The first thing you need to do is to inspect the condition of your car's battery.
2. Make sure not to charge a battery that is damaged, cracked, or leaking acid. 3. Remove or switch off any peripherals in your car that may further drain the battery. This includes lights, cooling and heating systems, wipers, and any audio-visual equipment. 4. Bring the second car over to the car that needs jump-starting. 5. Connect the jump cables while ensuring that each end of the cable can reach either car without any obstruction. 6. Connect either end of the red-coloured wires to the positive (+) terminals on each battery. The black wire, on the other hand, should be connected to the negative (-) terminal on the working battery. The other end should then be connected to either the engine mount or the chassis of the broken car. 7. Start the engine of the car with the good battery. It requires approximately 10 minutes for a running engine to charge up the flat battery. 8. Try to start the broken-down car while the second car's engine is running. If the start-up fails, allow the battery to charge for a little longer before trying again. If your car still won’t start, it could mean that it's time to contact an auto battery provider for a replacement. 9. Disconnect the jump leads and ensure that the ends of the cables do not touch to prevent any unwanted sparking. 10. Once your car has finally started, leave the engine running for around five minutes before continuing on your journey. However, good maintenance and replacing your older batteries when they first show signs of wear can save you all of that trouble. Browse our store for the best genuine ford battery products online!