Car Battery Price

How To Choose The Right Car Batteries?

Are you wondering how to find powerful, long-lasting, yet affordable car batteries?
Hunting for the best battery can be daunting, especially when your old one has already failed.

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What Makes Us The Best In Terms Of Quality, Convenience, And Car Battery Price?

Orius Limited is your go-to provider for the best quality replacement car batteries. We offer a very reasonable car battery price, letting you quickly replace your previous battery without breaking the bank.

Has your trusty car battery finally reached the end of its lifespan? Perhaps it has been rendered unusable due to damage? Whatever the case may be, you can find a suitable replacement here so you can get back on the road soon.

We are proud to offer the top car battery brands in the automotive industry, such as Bosch, Torq, and Varta.

Aside from car batteries, our company also stocks a variety of superb chargers and charging accessories. These high-quality products will be of use to any car owner, allowing them to maintain the batteries in their vehicles properly.

Even if your car's battery doesn't need replacing, but needs a little push to function again, we offer some of the finest jump leads and jump starters that will get you driving again in no time at all.

The best car battery products on the market

When you browse our online product catalogue, it's easy to see that our offers are the best in the industry. Here are just some of our most popular products:

● Varta ProMotive Black Commercial Battery 12V 125Ah 720CCA J2 Type 656.

Priced at £159.95, this battery has many innovative features that make it worthy of the Varta brand. It boasts specialised hybrid technology that not only gives it fantastic performance but also allows it to go completely maintenance-free when used under normal working conditions.

● Bosch S4 Car Battery 12V 72Ah 680CCA S4007 Type 100

This Bosch battery makes use of unique silver alloy technology, giving it 15% more cold cranking power, and 20% more life service than a typical car battery. It also happens to be completely maintenance-free due to its minimal water consumption.

At £83.95, a very affordable Bosch car battery price, this product will serve as a high-quality replacement for your previous battery. The Bosch S4 is ideally used for mass-market cars with the standard factory fitted electrical consumers.

● Torq S Car Battery 12V 60Ah 530CCA Type 097

If you need a powerful, reliable battery for your vehicle, look no further than the Torq S. At only £57.95, you can get a robust car battery suitable for a wide range of heavy-duty purposes, be it for delivery, construction, and many more.

It is vibration-resistant according to European standards and boasts impressive Energy Control features that allow it to provide maximum power, even after long periods of rest.

These are just a few of our best-selling products that cover a variety of uses.

We have many more car batteries in stock aside from these three, so we can be sure one of them will be the perfect fit for you! Browse our online store now and find your ideal car battery replacement.

We make shopping for car battery products quick and easy

At Orius, finding the car battery product that you need is incredibly simple. Our entire range of car batteries, chargers, and charging accessories are all available online, ready to be purchased in just a few clicks.

Easy and convenient use is built into the core design philosophy of our fantastic website. Our valued online shoppers will not need to wade through a cumbersome navigation system to find the products that they need.

On our website, products are sorted into many different categories based on our customer's needs, such as by a specific car battery price range, brand name, hold down, terminal, and type.

You simply have to enter the details that you need, and our website will display all of the products that fit your chosen criteria.

If you are choosing between multiple products, you can also sort them according to product name, price point, and more to make your search easier.

The specific product pages of our website are very in-depth, too, and provide comprehensive information on every detail of our products. We list each product's voltage, Ah, CCA, dimensions, UK Code, Type, and many more.

Thanks to these nifty features, you are guaranteed to get the battery that is most appropriate for your vehicle without any trouble.

Fast and convenient services

Our company does everything it can to make sure that you receive your products with as little hassle as possible.

We provide our customers with many different payment options, such as PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, and AMEX. All of our payments are SSL secure, reducing any risk when buying from us.

When making any purchase, we guarantee that our customers will not have to deal with any hidden car battery price UK-wide. We promise that you will only pay what is listed when you check out your order.

Moreover, we take great pride in the speed of our deliveries. We make sure that your package arrives on the next working day, provided your order was placed before 3:00 PM.

All of our car batteries and chargers come with a lifetime warranty, so you can rest easy knowing that you will get an excellent and reliable product, no matter what.

Customers in the mainland UK will enjoy free postage on all of our car battery offers. Our customers from the Scottish Highlands will also get free delivery for most of our products.

In the unlikely event of a delivery problem, our helpful team will contact you as soon as we spot anything wrong. If you encounter any issues with your purchase, such as damaged products, just contact us. We always treat customer concerns as a priority and deal with them with utmost urgency.

Here at Orius, we take pride in our wide range of car battery products, which are guaranteed to make life better for any car enthusiast out there. If you want to find car battery 096 best prices or the great deals on your other favourite brands, our online shop is the place to go.

In case you have any questions regarding our products or services, send them to us by filling out the contact form: Our helpful representatives will be happy to assist you with any of your queries!


How much does a car battery cost in the UK?

A new car battery price will range anywhere from £60 to £150 in the United Kingdom.

Products with start/stop technology also exist. Still, you can expect their car battery prices to be 20% to 25% more expensive due to how much strain they put on the item. The automobile battery cost of such items ranges from £110 to £190 on average.

What is the lifespan of a car battery?

Typically, a car battery will last from around four to six years. Many things determine the lifespan of a car battery, such as vehicle type, driving habits, and weather conditions. Fortunately, there are many ways you can boost your car battery's life expectancy as well.

Is it easy to replace a car battery?

It is not that difficult to replace a car battery; you just need to follow these simple steps:

● Open the hood of your vehicle and locate your car battery.

● Using a combination wrench, battery wrench, or battery pliers, loosen the nut on the battery.

● Disconnect the black or negative cable first. Then do the same for the positive cable, which is red.

● With a socket and ratchet or wrench, take off the hold-downs, fasteners, and bars of your battery.

● You are now ready to switch your battery for a new one.

How do you know if your car needs a new battery?

To know if you should put some money aside for a good van battery cost, keep an eye out for the following warning signs:

● Check engine light is on

● Your battery is very old

● The battery case is misshapen

● Corroded connectors

● Electrical problems

● Dim lights

● Car engine takes more time to start

Can you fit a car battery yourself?

It's possible to fit a car battery on your own, but some people might have trouble doing so. If you have a modern car with many complex electrical systems, then getting specialist help is pretty mandatory.

The car battery price by itself isn't particularly high. However, most garages will charge for replacement labour by the hour, so keep this in mind when planning your budget.

Will a car battery die if the car is not used?

Car batteries do eventually run out of charge if they are not used. This is because the reaction that uses up energy still happens, just far slower.

You can expect your car battery to last for at least a month without use before dying, assuming you have a regular vehicle.

More expensive cars with power-intensive computers installed might die out much sooner than this. The cost of automobile batteries for such vehicles will be higher as well.

How long does a car battery last without driving?

This depends on how potent your battery is, as well as the draw of your car. Generally, car batteries can retain their charge for up to two months without driving.

What else causes a dead car battery?

All sorts of things can cause a car battery to die out. Some common issues include charging problems, corroded or loose battery connectors, persistent electrical drains, and excessively high power demand. Extreme weather may also cause a battery to discharge.

Extend Your Car Battery's Lifespan With These Best Practices

Do you want to increase the odds of your car battery lasting well beyond its usual lifespan? Here are some best practices that will let you get the most value from it.

● Avoid leaving your vehicle's air-conditioning or lights on while not in use, as this will drain the battery much quicker.

● Regularly clean your car battery's terminals and casings of dust, dirt, and other debris.

● Always inspect your battery connections to ensure they have not loosened, especially after driving on bumpy terrain.

● Drive at least once a week if you can. This will keep your battery topped up.

If your battery still dies on you after you've tried everything, don't worry. We offer the best new car battery prices out there, allowing you to find a replacement without breaking the bank.

How To Choose The Best Car Battery

The time will come when you will need to buy a new car battery. When searching for a suitable replacement, it's crucial to be well informed to ensure you get the best local car battery price.

First of all, you wouldn't want to buy second-hand batteries that are more than six months old. The up-front cost of auto battery may be low for second-hand products, but you'll get something that will not benefit you for very long.

To know when a car battery was produced, check the manufacturing date, which is usually indicated on the battery itself.

You must also get a battery that's suitable for the vehicle you own. Batteries are rated according to their Amp Hours, or how long it will last before recharging, and Cold Cranking Amps (CCA), which is the power they have to start an engine in very cold conditions.

If your car uses a diesel engine, you might need a battery that has higher CCA. On the other hand, paying out for a higher CCA would be of little benefit for smaller capacity petrol engines.

If you're still not sure what to do, you can always ask us to provide you with something similar to your existing car battery in terms of performance and auto battery cost. Our expert dealers can also advise you on the best fit for your vehicle if needed.

Things To Do To Keep Your Car Battery In Good Condition

If you want to keep your car battery in the best condition, you need to actively care for it to ensure it continues to function properly.

Listed below are a few things you can do.

● Maintain adequate electrolyte levels

If your battery's electrolyte levels are low, you can just carefully add some distilled water. You must be precise when doing this and only fill the cells to cover the exposed plates.

Using some type of funnel is helpful since this will let you control the flow. Once that's done, recharge the battery.

● Inspect acid levels

We recommend that you check your battery's acid levels every six months or so. When you do this, watch out for acid stratification. This is bad since it causes electrolytes to concentrate at the bottom, leaving none for the top.

● Undergo battery load tests

Every month, take your battery to a mechanic for a battery load test. This will help ensure that the car battery can normally charge, even when it's freezing.

When it comes to a car battery's longevity and performance, the quality of the product itself is a significant factor. There's only so much you can do to maintain a substandard car battery.

If you want only the top-of-the-line car batteries and battery accessories, don't hesitate to browse our selection right now. We offer the best car battery price in Lancashire today.