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How Can You Find The Best Car Battery Online Seller?

Are you looking for the best car battery online shop? Look no further: Orius Batteries is your go-to provider of batteries for cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, and more.

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Whatever you need, you can rest assured that we offer it!
We offer a number of the leading brands on the market today, such as Bosch, Varta, and more. These are proven companies with a long history for manufacturing the best car batteries. Therefore, you can be sure that any product that you purchase from us performs well and lasts a long time.
Aside from quality, you will also find affordability with our selection of cheap car batteries online. You can find batteries in our online shop for as low as £37.95, or even less with our discounts. Thanks to this, you are sure to find the perfect battery for your vehicle, regardless of your budget! We always do our best to make sure that you receive a hassle-free experience when buying car batteries from us. We can deliver your purchase straight to your doorstep, so you don’t have to leave your home and go through all the hassle of finding the perfect battery on your own.

If you are in the UK, we can even deliver to you the next day! Just make sure that you order on a weekday and before our cut-off time at 3 PM.

Finally, to give you peace of mind, all of our batteries and chargers have a lifetime warranty.

Make Car Battery Shopping Simple

We understand how difficult it can be for some people to find the right battery that matches their car’s requirements. This is because there are many technical terms that you need to learn when buying car batteries. It’s important to know the different battery types, as well as the effect they have on your vehicle’s performance.

There are other essential things that you should consider before you buy car battery online, such as size, age, reserve capacity, brand, and much more. However, there’s no need to worry; buying car batteries has never been easier thanks to Orius! When you order car batteries from us, you can ask our friendly and helpful staff to guide you in making the right purchase so that your vehicle will work the way it should.

The Importance Of A Good Car Battery

A good car battery is one of the most vital yet overlooked factors for vehicle care. Going for a low-cost battery will wear out your vehicle more than usual, resulting in a costly car repair and car battery replacement.

So how do you know if the battery you’ve bought is of high quality? It would help if you started looking at the battery’s Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) and Cranking Amps (CA) numbers. These numbers measure the efficiency of your battery, and how fast it will get your engine started from a specific temperature.

Make sure you order car battery online from a reputable source like us and regularly maintain your battery to make your road trips safe. We can assure you that you will receive efficient and long-lasting batteries from our store, so you won’t have much to worry about during your journeys.

If you are unsure which type of car batteries you need to buy for your vehicle’s requirements, give our staff a call for some solid advice.

Honest And Reliable After-Sales Service

Our assistance doesn’t stop once you’ve made a purchase! Your satisfaction will always be at the top of our priority list, which is why we are ready to listen if you have any problems or concerns after purchasing one of our products.

Although it is very rare for our customers to receive a faulty item, if this does happen, our staff will immediately attend to you and replace your order with a new one.

Before you go out for a drive with your new battery, we highly suggest that you check it works well first. Neglecting to do so may cause a lot of inconvenience if the vehicle battery suddenly fails while you’re on the road – and we don’t want any of that happening to you.

Apart from the quality of the battery itself, many other factors could affect its performance. For instance, some batteries may fail due to a faulty alternator or a glove box light draining the power. In many cases, the “faulty batteries” that have been returned to us needed recharging!

Once your item is confirmed as faulty, we will ship a new vehicle battery back to you free of charge! Feel free to contact us, and we will gladly go out of our way to help you solve your problems.

We Value Our Customers
Because of our high-quality products and services, we have established a good relationship with our customers. We have received a lot of good feedback about our products and services, and we can’t wait to serve you in the way we’ve served our previous buyers!

Our goal isn’t to make a quick sale; our goal is to ensure a long and healthy relationship with our customers. We are here to make sure that you receive exactly what you’ve been looking for in the first place.

So, if you are looking for high-quality vehicle batteries and reliable services, we are happy to help! We are aware that our products are an essential element of your vehicle, and that we play a crucial role in making sure that you travel safely.
The Best Place To Order A Car Battery Online
Like all other things, it is essential to buy from a reliable source, especially when you are buying car batteries online.

With our top-notch service and great offers, we at Orius Batteries can proudly say that we are the best online car battery store.

If you have any questions, you may give us a call on 01772 348317. Likewise, for written concerns, send us an email at or fill out our contact form at


How much is a car battery in the UK?

You can buy a car battery UK online for around £60 to £150 for a conventional battery. However, for vehicles fitted with any type of start and stop technology, the battery price will usually range from £110 to £190.

How do I test my car battery?

If you want to buy vehicle battery on the Internet, be sure that you check it as soon as you receive the item. First, make sure that your engine is off to avoid injuries and accidents.

Then, open the bonnet of the vehicle and connect a voltmeter to the car’s battery. Ensure that you connect the red lead to the positive terminal and the black lead to the negative terminal.

If the battery is healthy, the voltage should read anywhere between 12.4 and 12.7 volts.

How many years do car batteries last?

Normally, a good car battery online UK will last for three to five years. Do note that trying to use car batteries after their “expiration date” could harm your vehicle. Even under perfect driving conditions, several manufacturers still recommend replacing your battery at least every five years to prevent this from happening.

How long does a car battery last without driving?

Typically, car batteries online UK can keep their charge for around two months without driving. However, the lifespan can vary considerably due to several factors, such as battery potency and the draw of your vehicle.

How much does it cost to fit a car battery?

The price of fitting a car battery may vary. You may encounter prices from £10 to £80, depending on the battery’s location in your vehicle and how long it will take a mechanic to install the battery.

How can you tell if a car battery needs replacing?

Here are some warning signs of a battery that needs replacing.

1. The engine takes longer than before to start. Over time, some parts of your battery wear out and become less efficient.

2. Lights appear dimmer, and other electrical issues may be seen.

3. The check engine light will illuminate.

4. There may be a foul smell in the vehicle.

5. The connectors appear to be corroded.

6. The battery case is misshaped.

7. The battery is already more than five years old.

If you encounter one or more of these issues, it is advised that you immediately buy vehicle battery on the Internet to avoid inconvenience during your trips.

How many cold cranking amps do I need?

Due to differences in vehicles, you should generally follow the number of cold cranking amps recommended by the manufacturer of the vehicle for that particular model. However, if you live in a very cold area, you can slightly raise the recommended number of cold cranking amps.

Please take note that some batteries list the Cranking Amps (CA) number. The Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) are more important if you live in a cold area.

Are all car batteries the same?

Each automobile battery on the net is different; this is because different batteries are made to work with different vehicles that have specific requirements.

Choosing The Right Battery For Your Car

Before you buy car batteries online, you should take a look at the owner’s manual of the vehicle, as this will show you the required battery for your car.

The most common types of car batteries online are still standard lead-acid batteries. Diesel vehicles will usually require more powerful variants, while models with stop/start technology often require Enhanced Cyclic Mat (ECM) or Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries.

Aside from that, don’t forget about choosing your battery’s charger. The latest chargers today come with sophisticated programs to help maintain your battery’s level of charge. These chargers can be beneficial if your vehicle is not intended for regular use, such as expensive, classic cars.

If you’re having some difficulty in picking the ideal car batteries and accessories, we’ll be happy to help you out! One of our friendly representatives will assist you with all of your car battery shopping needs.

How To Store Vehicle Batteries
To ensure that everything goes smoothly with your vehicle no matter the season, battery storage and care are vital. Proper attention should be given to where you store your battery and the temperature of the storing location. If one or both of these conditions are not optimal for battery health, you may encounter deep discharge over a certain period. This may cause irreversible damage to the battery. Vehicle batteries are most optimal when stored in cool and dry places. This is because extreme temperatures can negatively affect the life of a battery. The best temperature for a vehicle battery is at 15° C. If your old battery has traces of rust on the battery terminal, you can clean it using a brush and a mix of sodium bicarbonate and water. However, if your battery has reached its life’s end, you should visit our web-based shop for automotive batteries.
How To Stop Your Battery From Going Flat
A lot of vehicle experts have stated that the main cause of issues with cars is battery-related. Here are a few ways you can make sure that your car battery doesn’t fail, even if you barely drive your vehicle: Charge your battery - Make sure that you regularly charge your battery, especially if you rarely use your car. If you notice that your battery is consistently going flat, it may need to be replaced. If so, you can visit our reputable web-based shop for automotive batteries. Turn your engine over - Ideally, you’d regularly use your vehicle to lengthen the battery’s lifespan. Make a habit of using your vehicle when you go shopping, buying medicine, going to work, and so on. Check your car and tyres - Check all of your lights, reflectors, and both your indicators. Make sure that they are clean and working, and that no lenses have cracked. Do regular check-ups on your tyres, regardless of how often you use your vehicle. If you want the cheapest car batteries online or want some expert advice regarding battery care and maintenance, we encourage you to speak to us. Our warm and friendly staff will tend to your needs at a moment’s notice!

How Can I Tell How Old My Bosch Car Battery Is?
Often, Bosch car batteries won’t work due to old age. Always remember the date your Bosch battery was manufactured to get a good idea of how much time it has left. Before you check your Bosch battery, put on some protective gloves, as the battery terminals might get your hands dirty. Whatever type of battery you own, be it a Bosch leisure battery or a car battery, there should be a stamped mark or label that shows you the item’s manufacturing date. The first two numbers that you see tell you the month that the battery was made, while the last two or four-digit numbers tell you the year. Don’t get confused by any other numbers. Some batteries have a serial number before or after the manufacturing date. Other batteries for vehicles may have a code starting with a letter, then followed by a number. For instance, the code A09 will mean January 2009. If the battery has been in use for two to three years after the manufacturing date, then you should consider getting it replaced. If you’re wondering “how much is an auto battery”, do not hesitate to give us a call as soon as possible. We can point you to the most affordable and effective Bosch batteries out there!